September 2019 Minutes

Alliance Amateur Radio Club

September 11, 2019 Meeting Minutes


Elections are next month. We will have some positions that need to be filled. Please take a few minutes to think about any officer positions you would consider running for.

We have 2 new members that we would like to welcome to the club. They are James (KD8VT) & Karen (N8HUC) Andrews.

Meeting called to order by: President Ron Rittenhouse (KE8HCY)

Pledge of Allegiance led by: Dave Kleinhans (KE8IYN)

Devotion led by: Frank Sanor (WA8WHP)

1) Roll call was taken: 16 members present – 7 guests present


Dave Moreno (KE8JLP)

John Myers (KD8MQ)

Chris McDaniel (AC8VN)

Peter Lucke (N8IGZ)

Dwight Turner (KD8YFV)

Rick Graber (WD8AYC)

Andy Magda (AC8JR)

Paul Richardson (K2ASA)

Tomas St. George (KC8ZEH)

Dave Kleinhans (KE8IYN)

James Andrews (KD8VT)

Karen Andrews (N8HUC)

Frank Sanor (WA8WHP)

Howard Miller (K8DXR)

Doug Matthew (KB8DNQ)

Ron Rittenhouse (KE8HCY)


Tom Sly (WB8LCD)

Ben Davis (KD8KMQ)

Frances Lones

Jeremy Toole

Kenneth Moats

Miriam Sanor

Joe Sukos

2) Introduction of members was done.

3) Members birthday recognition: Barry Heiks (AB8YE) 9/11, Karen Warner (WD8BIN) 9/12, Oliver Smith (KC8TJQ) 9/25

3a) Tom Sly (WB8LCD) from PCARS gave a presentation on Nicola Tesla. It was a very informative and interesting presentation. He said that he will send us a copy of his Power Point Presentation to put on our website. So, if you were unable to attend the September meeting, keep an eye out for the presentation on the club website. It should be on there soon.

4) Approval of Agenda: Agenda was approved.

5) Treasurer’s Report – Tony Schillig (KD8BBK): Checking: $XXXX, Savings: N/A

6) Review / Approval of August Meeting Minutes: Reading was waived, minutes were approved.

7) Officers Reports:

a) President Ron Rittenhouse (KE8HCY): Ron stated that he worked on the castle run. He felt that it was a good project that went very well. He’s been talking back and forth with First Christian Church about our Christmas dinner on December 4th. It will be at approx. 6:15 P.M. It will be a sit down dinner. We need all dinner registration reservations to be done by the November meeting for those who plan to attend. There will be no walk-ins at the door. He also stated that he’s been working with the Alliance Fire Dept. on our Annual AFD Toy Drive. Our participation again this year appears to be a go.

b) Vice President Doug Matthew (KB8DNQ): Nothing to add.

c) Secretary Dave Moreno (KE8JLP): Just a reminder to consider running for the officer positions next month. If nothing changes with our scheduling conflicts, the secretary position and the treasurer’s position will be open.

d) Trustees: Nothing to add.

8) Committee Reports:

a) 2 Meter Net – Tomas St. George (KC8ZEH): On 8/1 we had 11 check-ins, on 8/8 we had 13 check-ins, on 8/15 we had 12 check-ins, on 8/22 we had 9 check-ins, and on 8/29 we had 14 check-ins.  

b) 10 Meter CW Net – Frank Sanor (WA8WHP): We’ve had one or 2 check-ins sporadically. The weekend of the 14th -15th he’ll have his antenna back in the air so that should improve things dramatically. He stated that if he’s going too fast, send QRS and he’ll slow down. He also stated that he’ll be on and transmitting as soon as the 10 meter side band net ends on frequency 28.100.

c) 10 Meter Side Band Net – John Myers (KD8MQ): John stated that it’s going along as usual. The frequency is 28.420.

d) Homeland Security Net – Loren Kleinhans (KD8WVE): On 9/10 we had 5 check-ins, on 9/3 we had 6 check-ins, on 8/27 we had ? check-ins, on 8/20 we had ? check-ins, and on 8/13 we had ? check-ins. Loren was not able to attend the meeting.

e) 2 Meter Repeater – John Myers (KD8MQ): John stated that he has sent an e-mail out to the climber, and so, the ball is in his court. As soon as the climber (Marty) gets in touch with him, they’ll schedule the installation.

f) 440 Repeater – John Myers (KD8MQ): We’re playing musical antennas. After installing the new antenna, we noticed a problem and went back up and re-installed our old antenna after it was repaired. We installed new clamps with loctite to ensure it doesn’t come loose again. The range is back where it should be.

g) Field Days – John Myers (KD8MQ): Nothing new until December.

h) Ways & Means – Andy Magda (AC8JR): Nothing new.

i) Training Classes – Frank Sanor (WA8WHP): Next Saturday will be review only. Saturday the 21st we’ll be having a test session from 5 to 7 P.M. at the Hospital Café Conference Room. All are welcome to attend. Hopefully, we’ll get 4 new hams out of it.

j) 2019 Ham of the Year Vote – Dwight Turner (KD8YFV): Peter and Dwight will be sending out an e-mail to the members to prompt their vote. Please respond quickly. The e-mail will have a list of the current members for your convenience.

9) Old Business:

a) Castle Run – John Myers (KD8MQ): John stated that the Castle Run went over very well. We added a tail for the 2 mile race this year. We got to meet the new race director. After this year, the current race director Randy Crawford is retiring. The new director will be Dustin Hatherill. We had a really sweet moment when Ben (KD8KMQ) told us over the radio that the woman at the tail end of the 10K run / walk was celebrating her birthday. When she crossed the finish line, we all sang happy birthday to her.

10) Announcements:

Breakfast: October 5th, 8:30 A.M. at Don Poncho’s Alliance

Pre Meeting Dinner: October 9th, 5:30 P.M. at Don Poncho’s Alliance

October Program: AARC Annual Election of Officers: Contact one of the Trustees if interested in running for a position.

We will be making a Power Point Presentation September 30th at Rodman Public Library for the Alliance Historical Society. Ron would like to have a couple of members there so he can recognize you as amateur radio operators. You will be welcomed to speak, and you may be used during the presentation.

11) Next Meeting Date: October 9th, 2019, 7:30 P.M.,    Location: ACH / Café Conference Room

12) Roundtable:

Dwight: The 2019 Cleveland Hamfest is coming up on September 22nd, and starts at 8 A.M. Show up early, because they usually start packing up around 11.

Paul: Please, when you get your e-mail from Dwight and Peter, reply to it in a timely manner. Last year, it took multiple weeks to get all the votes in.

Tomas: Russ (N8PII) will be laid to rest on September 20th. If anyone is interested in attending, Tomas and Rick will be heading up for the funeral. You can contact Tomas for directions to the location. Also, we had a ham in our midst that moved to Millersburg Herb Graybill, who asked if some people from the club could get on the Millersburg repeater occasionally to talk to him.

13) Adjournment: The meeting was adjourned.

14) 50 / 50 Drawing: The winner received $31 which they donated back to the club. Thank you.

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