AARC Anouncements

Our next meeting is coming up this Wednesday, the 12th.
Here’s some announcements

  • The minutes of the January meeting are posted on the website at https://www.w8lky.org/go/aarc-minutes-jan-2020/
  • The location of the board meeting is Don Pancho’s this month. Sorry for not putting that in the newsletter. We meet at 5:30PM at the restaurant.
  • This month’s meeting is our Homebrew night. It could be more aptly called Show & Tell night. Bring something you’ve built, restored, designed, or like in my case, found in an antique shop, and tell your fellow members about it. This will happen after the business meeting.
  • Dues are due. Our fiscal year runs from Apr 1 – Mar 31. So, why not get a head start on getting your dues in? As always, we ask that you fill out a renewal form to hand in with your dues. This helps us keep club records straight. I’ll have plenty of forms printed out and available, or you can print one out on the website at http://w8lky.org/Files/AARC_Membership_Application.pdf.

Also, remember, that any e-mail you receive that begins with the writer being out of town, and needing your help is likely suspect. It isn’t just Ron; these scammers seem to be targeting Amateur Radio clubs in the area. Yesterday, I received one from the president of another club. If you receive one of these, just delete it. Do Not reply. If you open the header of the e-mail, you will see that it comes from a completely different e-mail address than you remember for the sender.  They are trying to get you to buy gift cards and send them (or the numbers) to them. Please don’t fall for this.

I think that covers it. We’ll have the Winter Field Day numbers to share on Wednesday night as well.

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