Good Morning: Well it has been a busy several days and especially Wednesday March 11th 2020. We were force to find another meeting site for our monthly meeting on March 11th, but we were able to move the meeting to First Christian Church in Alliance where we had our Christmas dinner this past year. AultmanAlliance Community Hospital implemented a temporary policy of not permitting meetings of outside groups in their conference rooms. Hopefully, after this world wide medical emergency passes, we will return to the hospital for our meetings. In the mean time, we are working on a solution for this situation and we will advised you when we secure a site.

The remaining few weeks of our Club’s Training Classes and Tech and General license testing will be held in the Louisville Sportsman Club. Frank Sanor WA8WHP, the training coordinator has the direction s to this site. Many thanks to Chris AC8VN for pitching in to help Frank on this project.

Due to the world wide medical emergency, most of the Ham fest’s events that we were counting on to help bolster our ticket sales for our Club’s big ways and means project have been canceled. We must now count on “On Line” sales and in-person sales at our and other clubs meetings. We have just under 300 tickets left of the 600 tickets purchased for a chance on the YAESU FT-450D.

At our March meeting, we are proceeding to secure a trailer to hold all AARC’s equipment, Chris AC8VN and James KD8VT will serve as co-chairs. We currently have equipment stored on a personal non member property and we need to get the issue of storage handled forthwith.

Last but not least dues are due for all AARC members by April 1st, please download the renewal application from W8LKY.ORG web site and fill it out and along with your check, send it to our mail address located on our web site.

Many thanks to Dave WD8AYE who gave an interesting presentation on DMR at our March 11th meeting and also joined the club, many thanks Dave.

See you on the air or in person soon,


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