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Hi everyone,
We have a lot of stuff happening in the next week, so I wanted to drop you a line to let you know about it.
No, this isn’t a newsletter, or a “Monday Morning Message”. Your former editor is just poking his head out of the rabbit hole for a moment to let you about some things coming up.
*First*, don’t forget the club meeting this week. We’ll be meeting at the Alliance Community Hospital at 7:30 PM. The Cafe conference room is booked. The temperature should be in the mid-40s, so there’s no excuse to stay home. The program this month is your’s truly talking about a couple of things, but mostly the leagues new “operating event”, the ARRL International Grid Chase 2018. I’ll show you why this is the easiest event that you probably are already participating in without knowing it.
*Second*, Don’t forget dinner! On Wednesday, we’ll be meeting for dinner at Frank’s Alliance Family Restaurant (428 E. State St) at 5:45 PM. Frank is running a fundraiser to benefit the Alliance Area Habitat For Humanity. Please help him out if you can.
*Third*, For the time being, the CW & SSB nets have swapped times. For now, the 10 Meter SSB net (28.400MHz) starts at 8PM, and the 10 Meter CW net (28.100MHz) at 8:30PM.
*Fourth*, the Ohio ARES Simplex contest is coming up this weekend. This would make a good club project if someone would take the lead on it. You can learn more at arrl-ohio.org/news/2017/ps-12-11-17.pdf#page4 Look at Pg 4 if the link doesn’t take you there.
*Fifth*, Don’t forget that the AARC DX Challenge is still going on. You can learn more about it at w8lky.org/?page_id=2548.
*Sixth*, Winter Field Day is coming up on January 27/28, and the Alliance ARC is participating. You can find out about it at the club meeting on Wednesday evening.
*Seventh*, and lastly, The Tusco Hamfest is coming up also on the 28th. You can see the flier at tuscoarc.org/
And that’s it. I’m going back underground till I feel the need to do another “NOT-A-NEWSLETTER”

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