Winter Field Day

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Winter Field Day Logo Winter Field Day 2021 will be on January 23/24.
More information about the Alliance ARC’s plans for this event will be posted as it becomes available.

Setup for 2020 Winter Field Day will begin around 10 Am on Saturday, January 25th at the Tri-City Airport in Beloit. Come prepared for some fun. 


Our entry has been submitted to the Winter Field Day folks. Before I bore you with the numbers, I want to share the soapbox that was submitted.

“Thanks to the aftermath of “Winter Storm Harper”, we were faced with finding a new operating location at the last moment. Thanks to KD8BBK (our chairman), and KE8HCY (our club president), we were able to set up in a church gymnasium here in Alliance. Our turnout was encouraging. “

“We are already scouting outdoor 24 hour locations for the 2020 event. “

“While scores are recorded, I believe that the takeaways from this event go way beyond the number of contacts that we made. It is a great social event for us. Our chili cook off was won by Tomas, KC8ZEH. He now has a target on his back for next year’s cook off. “

“We also learned a lot about what works, and more importantly, what does not work for on-the-fly portable operation. “

“Thanks to the WFDA for all the work, and all the grief they have to put up with to grow this event! “

“Thanks DE W8LKY!  “

Granted, I was not present at this year’s event, but Tony kept me apprised of the fun that was being had.  That being said, I hope that you all thanked Tony & Ron for pulling this event off in the face of some difficult circumstances. The snowstorm the weekend before made the church camp unusable without a lot of work.

There were a lot of others who worked hard to make this a fun event for the club. Thanks to all of you!

Now, here are the numbers:

Total Contacts by Band and Mode:

Band     Contacts
80 PH     15
40 CW    24
40 PH     52
20 PH    16


We always look forward to Winter Field Day. After all, who ever said that emergencies only happen in the summer?

Last year, We operated class 3I (3 transmitters – Indoors) and made a total of 108 contacts (77 Phone / 31 CW). With bonus points, our final score as submitted is 2,612.