August Minutes,2019

Alliance Amateur Radio Club

August 14, 2019 Meeting Minutes


The club is accepting donations to help offset the cost of the 2 meter repeater relocation. You can make checks payable to the Alliance Amateur Radio Club: Donation to the Repeater Fund. We are now officially a 501-C3 Non-profit Organization, which would make your donations possible for a tax write-off. We are currently working on the donation tax forms and will have them soon.

We have a returning member. Welcome back Gladys Wilson (KB8GIA).

Meeting called to order by: President Ron Rittenhouse (KE8HCY)

Pledge of Allegiance led by: Rex Simmons (NX8G)

Devotion led by: Frank Sanor (WA8WHP)

1) Roll call was taken: 18 members present – 1 guest present


Dave Moreno (KE8JLP)

Doug Matthew (KB8DNQ)

John Myers (KD8MQ)

Bob Warner (WB8OVQ)

Karen Warner (WD8BIW)

Chris McDaniel (AC8VN)

Andy Magda (AC8JR)

Paul Richardson (K2ASA)

Peter Lucke (N8IGZ)

Bryan Webler (N8WD)

Jerry Shore (N8SH)

Rex Simmons (NX8G)

Frank Sanor (WA8WHP)

Dave (Butch) Kleinhans (KE8IYN)

Dwight Turner (KD8YFV)

Howard Miller (K8DXR)

Tony Schillig (KD8BBK)

Ron Rittenhouse (KE8HCY)


Miriam Sanor

2) Introduction of members and guests was done.

3) Members birthday recognition: Charles Theiss (KE8EQI) 8/4, Peter Lucke (N8IGZ) 8/5, Tomas St. George (KC8ZEH) 8/11, Paul Richardson (K2ASA) 8/16, Howard Miller (K8DXR) 8/21

4) Approval of Agenda: Agenda was approved.

5) Treasurer’s report Tony Schillig (KD8BBK): Checking $XXXX, Savings N/A  Bills for the climber, the stand off, and the Summer Field Day location fees have not come out of the checking balance yet.

6) Review / Approval of July Meeting Minutes: Reading was waived, minutes were approved.

7) Officers Reports:

a) President Ron Rittenhouse (KE8HCY): Ron stated that he’s been working with the parade presidents and a couple of other areas of the community. One is the entertainment for our Christmas dinner.

He stated that the club Christmas Dinner Party event will be held on Dec 4th (Wednesday night), at the First Christian Church at 6:00 P.M. The Alliance High School Musical Group will be providing entertainment. The cost for the dinner will be announced. There will be a cut off date for the reservations of the November meeting, because the church will need to know how many people to prepare food for in advance. Business casual dress attire will be worn for the dinner. He stated that we will not be kicked out at 8 P.M. like we were at Frank’s Family Restaurant last year. Awards will be given out at the dinner. As always, spouses / significant others are welcome as well.

b) Vice President Doug Matthew (KB8DNQ): Reminder that all of our nets are on AARES Connect now. You are encouraged to log onto the AARES Connect and input your time spent with anything ham radio oriented, so that we get the credit.

c) Secretary Dave Moreno (KE8JLP): Nothing to note.

d) Trustees: Nothing to note.

8) Committee Reports:

a) 2 Meter Net (Tomas / KC8ZEH): Tomas was not in attendance. The 2 meter net has picked up a little in the last month. The last net before the meeting had a record turn out.

b) 10 Meter CW Net (Frank / WA8WHP): Frank stated that he’s had no results. He’s had only 1 check-in in the last month.

c) 10 Meter Sideband Net (John / KD8MQ): Still going good. John stated that he’s getting the same people signing in each week. He stated that during the warmer months, we get an average of 7-8 participants. He then stated that during the colder months, we get an average of 10-14 participants.

d) Homeland Security Net (Lorin / KD8WVE): It was stated that we’re doing ok with the net. On 8/13 we had 8 check-ins, and on 8/6 we had 8 check-ins. That seems to be the average number. It’s usually the same 8 people each week.

e) 2 Meter Repeater (John / KD8MQ): John stated that on or about September 8th is looking possible at this time. He stated that he and Marty will be in contact at the end of the month about it.

f) 440 Repeater (John / KD8MQ): Ron stated that during the Carnation Grande Parade we had to default to the Homeland Security frequency because the 440 machine was going sideways on us. It will be taken care of after the 2 meter relocation is dealt with. The recent problems with the Grande Parade communication may be looked into before then.

g) Field Days (John / KD8MQ): John stated that he won’t be chairing the Winter Field Day, and that he hasn’t decided yet about chairing the AARL Field Day. He then stated that everything has been put in until about mid-November when the results get posted by the ARRL.

h) Ways & Means (Andy / AC8JR): Nothing at this time.

i) Training Classes (Frank / WA8WHP): Frank stated that he currently has 6 students that attend off and on. The last class will be the 30th of September. The class this Saturday will be held in the Café Conference Room, and the next class (on the 24th) will be held on the 2nd floor in the conference room.

9) Old Business:

a) The Carnation Grande Parade:

We need to remember to use our individual call sign along with our site call sign each time we contact the net. If we don’t clear with our call sign each time, we need to call out our personal call sign every 10 minutes during the operation.

Also, we’d like to extend a personal thank you to Officer Aaron Perkins (K8AHP) for working with us on this project. For any of you who don’t know Aaron, he’s a ham operator who is a former club member.

10) New Business:

a) Castle Run (John / KD8MQ): John stated that the t-shirt sizes have already been submitted, and that we have a full crew of staffers as usual. He stated that there will be a meeting at the Castle at 8 A.M. on Labor Day to get your shirts and assigned location for those involved.

b) Storage of Club Items (Tony / KD8BBK): It was stated that we need to try to find a new home to store our club equipment at. There were discussions about the possibility of a store-it-all unit, but we don’t currently have the funds available. Contact Tony (KD8BBK) for details on how you can help with a new storage home.

c) Alliance Fire Dept. Toy Drive John (KD8MQ): John stated that the toy drive is coming up at the November meeting. He stated that we already have donations coming in. He stated that he’s making up a handful of antennas like he did last year. He’ll be making them for our club and the PCARS drawings. He also stated that the drawings will be like they were last year. You buy your tickets, and put them into the cup for whatever you would like to win. Last year we raised $625 for the Toy Drive. Let’s see if we can meet or beat that again this year.

John also stated that a couple of years ago, he spoke to someone at Dayton about He stated that they had donated a $45 gift card to the club which went out to one of our members. He said that he’s going to contact them again this year and see if they’d be willing to donate another gift certificate.

11) Announcements:

Breakfast: September 7th – 8:30 A.M. at Don Poncho’s Restaurant – 2105 W. State St., Alliance

Pre-meeting Dinner: September 11th – 5:30 P.M. at Rey’s Route 62 Bar & Grill – next door to Don Poncho’s Restaurant – 2109 W. State St., Alliance

State Parks on the Air Contest: John (KD8MQ) stated that coming up September 7th is the State Parks on the Air Contest. He stated that it would be nice if the members who have HF rigs would get on the radio and make contacts with the folks out there in the parks, roughing it. You can find out more information at the website: (I probably got that wrong).

12) Next Meeting Date: September 11th – 7:30 P.M. – Café Conference Room – Alliance Aultman City Hospital

13) Round table:

It was brought up that Echo link is not working properly. John commented that when there’s a problem, the appropriate person needs to be notified so they can take the appropriate action to correct the problem. John stated before the end of the meeting that Echo link was back online approx. 10 minutes after it had gone down.

We also had initial discussions about putting a float in the parade of some type.


The Warren Hamfest tailgater at Mosquito Lake State Park in Cortland is this Sunday.

There is a Hamfest in Pittsburgh this coming Saturday.

There is a West Virginia Hamfest this coming Sunday,

We decided to cut the Blue Fig from our list of restaurant’s because of the 1 1/2 lag before we got our meals, because we were charged extra for our meals that were supposed to be discounted, and also because the meals were incorrect.

We decided to add Rey’s Route 62 Bar & Grill to the rotation after the secretary spoke to them about being able to accommodate our group for the dinner choices. It will be put into the rotation of our dinner restaurant’s for pre-meeting dinners. Again, we will be holding the pre-meeting dinner: September 11th – 5:30 P.M. at Rey’s Route 62 Bar & Grill – next door to Don Poncho’s Restaurant – 2109 W. State St., Alliance.

Frank mentioned that next Monday night, you are welcome to join the Bible Study Group of the Salem Repeater at 6 P.M. at Perkins Restaurant.

14) Adjournment: The meeting was adjourned. Technically, we forgot to adjourn the meeting and went straight to the 50 /50 drawing. LOL

15) 50 /50 Drawing: $21.50 went to the winner who donated the winnings to the club.

16) Program: Dwight Turner (KD8YFV) – Power Point Presentation of Antenna Project:

Dwight explained and showed a Power Point Presentation of how he installed a new tower and antenna system on his property. He stated that he started the project last 5 years ago with research, and last year with beginning to procure supplies and equipment, and began construction in July of 2019. He stated that his old setup was a KOXP (?) supported by a 4×4 post. It was a 5 section tubular mast with a rotator at the bottom so that it could turn his hex beam antenna. He stated that he got tired of mowing around the 12 guy lines affixed in his yard. He decided to go with an actual tower for increased height, and to do away with the guy lines so they weren’t in his way.

He stated that his tower requirements were 40 foot height, no guy wires, stable enough to support a 3 element Yagi antenna, could withstand 100 mph winds without any guys, and be very easy to raise and lower by himself.

He stated that he’d considered 3 different types, crank up, tilt up, and an elevator type. He decided not to go with the crank up style because when fully lowered, the top is still somewhat high in the air. He found that the tilt over types were very expensive which was cost prohibitive. He found another type goes up and down like an elevator but is also very expensive. He also checked on the covenants for regulations in his location for tower type and height restrictions.

He decided that his new tower would be a Universal name brand aluminum tower that tilts over, with a galvanized steel base. He decided on a 40 foot, medium weight tower in 4 sections with a square tubing base. There were stainless steel connectors used between the base section and the upper sections to prevent corrosion. He also used stainless steel clamps to inhibit corrosion where he affixed the ground wires (#4 copper ground wire from Lowe’s).

He stated that he dug a hole by hand in steps of 6 inch depth each day that was a 4 foot cube when finished. He hired a concrete company to deliver the concrete, and had to pay extra for a machine that would blow the concrete through a hose from the front of the house to the back where the concrete foundation would be laid. He also showed photos of 2 layers of rebar that he had installed during the concrete process for extra safety.

He showed photos of a wooden structure that he built to hold the base in place while the hole was filled with concrete, and while the concrete cured. He stated that he checked it regularly with a long carpenter’s level for plum.

He also showed trigonometry diagrams of how much force would be needed to raise the tower from varying degrees of starting angle. He stated that he got the trig formula from an ARRL handbook. He decided to purchase an auger winch that would handle the load, and affixed it to the old 4×4 post which he added a secondary bracing post to.

He stated that over-all; everything went very well with no surprises or problems.

He then showed a photo of the final results which included the 3 element Yagi antenna on the top.

Dwight also passed around the auger winch and the cadweld that he used for securing the copper ground wire connections.

The presentation was very informative.

Note: The stainless steel clamps and sleeves and the cadweld kits are available at DX Engineering.

Thank you Dwight.

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