[w8lky] Latest issue of the Zero Beat

Hi everyone,

Here's the latest issue of our club newsletter; the Zero Beat.

John Myers, KD8MQ





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DX Calendar for December

How many can you work?
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[w8lky] A Time to be Thankful

             Thursday November 28  Thanksgiving is a true American Holiday. We are thankful that we live in the greatest nation on earth. We are Thankful that we may practice our religious beliefs in our own way. We are thankful that we can gather around the dinning room table and enjoy a feast of delicious foods and fellowship. As Amateur Radio Operators we give thanks for our knowledge, our equipment and our time to share in this great avocation call Amateur Radio. Personally, I am thankful for each one of you who are my fellow ham operators whether or not you are a member( like me) of AARC or just a Ham on the Air whom I communicate with. The year of 2019 saw many accomplishments in the growth of AARC. We created business cards, updated our club's tr-fold information pamphlet and a state of the art power point presentation, reestablished our 501c-3 status The most significant improvement in the area of club operations was the successful Two(2) Meter repeater relocation. The Winter and Summer Field Days again demonstrated our ability to set up and operate remote Emergency Amateur Radio Operations. Almost Thirty Six (36) certificates of participation will be given out at our Annual Christmas Dinner and Awards Banquet December 4th. Tina Turner probably has one of the greatest one liners, She says, "People ask me when I am going to stop performing, and she says I am just getting started"  I am Thankful this past year to have been just one of you, an Amateur Radio Operator and a member of the Alliance Amateur Radio Club!!!
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          Some of you who participated in our AFD Toys for Tots fund raiser may not be aware that Alliance Fire Department has drop their annual Toys for Tots project effective this year. This left us up in the air how we would help our kids during the Holiday season. I contacted the CEO of the Alliance Chamber of Commerce for possible recommendations. Mark Locke, CEO of the Alliance Chamber of Commerce and I go back to the 1970's when we were both in Jaycees at that time. He recommended Alliance Police Department FOP Lodge #73. They have conducted a project called "Cops helping Kids" for many years. FOP 73 helps between 50-60 kids obtain necessary winter clothing, coats, boots, hats, gloves, snow pants and other essentials. Fop 73 runs several fund raisers internally and receives out side support also. The project's cost is between  $9-10,000. each year. The parents of these kids in most cases, can not afford these items. The off duty APD officers, assemble the kids on a certain day, transport them via bus provided by our local bus company to Walmart.The Police Officers help each kid pick out the items  After  all the shopping is done, the kids are bused to Christopher Columbus Pizza here in Alliance for a Pizza Party. The kids go home with new clothes and their tummies are full. Your Executive Committee and Trustees have just  unanimously approved to use the funds raised at our November Meeting to support our local Alliance Police Departments FOP union #73 with their "Cops helping Kids" project. Please contact me by phone or email and let me know what you think. I am trying to save time by posting this article for your consideration and approval. "Come Now" and let me know your feelings! Let us help some of "OUR KIDS" have a wonderful Christmas Holiday!!!!
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          Good morning everyone: Sorry for the delay in this message, I have been experiencing some technical difficulties in submitting articles.
         The 2019 AARC Club's annual Christmas Dinner and Awards Banquet is getting closer and closer to the event which will be held on December 4th 6Pm at First Christian Church 1141 W. Beech Street in Alliance. The deadline for registrations has passed, but we do have just a couple more days to when I must give the church the final numbers of reservations. Please review details of the event in previous articles posted on our website. Call me if you have any questions. Please call me or email me to make your reservations as soon as possible. I will be calling the roster and check with those who have not indicated one way or the other if they are attending. All members are encourage to bring their significant other with them including kids if they wish to come, non members and visitors are encouraged to attend pending they make a reservation as soon as possible with me. The dinner cost of $10. in cash payable at the door of the event. Please dress fitting to the event. We are requesting that all attending the event start to arrive starting at 5:30pm so we can start the event at 6pm sharp. The evening menu features a choice of Bake Chicken or a home recipe Ham Loaf and side dishes are post in previously mention articles on our web site. After the meal at 7pm, a student musical group of Alliance High School music department  called the Choralaires will perform selections of Holiday Music. Following the night's entertainment, we will begin the final portion of the event with the presentation of honors. Certificates of Appreciation to members and some guests will be distributed. The highlight of the evening will be the presentation of the prestigious honor of the 2019 Ham of the Year Award. This is your night to enjoy a wonderful meal, fellowship and recognition of your labor of love for amateur radio. So "Come Now" and make your reservation if you have not done so previously, time is short. I hope you will respond and join the other members and guests who will be attending this wonderful event. I have received conformation that Sierra Charlie will be making an appearance We can remain in the building for as long as we want, I have a key. So how about it, are you coming?
2019 Christmas Dinner and Awards Banquet
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[w8lky] Just a test from KE8HCY

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[w8lky] December issue of the Zero Beat – Call for articles

Hi everyone,
I’m starting on the December issue of the Zero Beat. If you have something to include, please get it to me no later than Next Tuesday, the 26th of this month.
Thanks, & 73,
John Myers, KD8MQ

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      Today I confirmed the date for AARC to man a Salvation Army Kettle on December 7th from 10AM-8PM. The location is the Save Alot Grocery Store in The College Plaza on East State Street in Alliance near the former location of Chase Banking office. We will be working in the enclose entrance walk way to the store and  working One (1) shifts beginning at 10 AM. We still need a few more members to volunteer to help man the location, if you are interested, email me or call me and leave a message if I am not home to talk to you. Once I have enough members to cover the location, I will email an assignment list to those who have volunteered. If you need to sit down, bring a chair, but for the most part we will be standing ringing the hand bell at the kettle. I think most of those volunteering have our Club's business card, if you don't we will make sure you have some if anyone ask about Amateur Radio. Stay tune for the assignment list and we will work with each member on times for the event. The Salvation Army will post a sign on the Kettle so the public will know that AARC is manning the location.
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[w8lky] Results from the Alliance ARC Toy drive

Hi everyone,
It’s late & I’m tired, so this will be brief.
Tonight, YOU raised $685 for the kiddos in the Alliance area. We’ll be delivering the donation to the Fire Department in the coming days.
I’m sure you’ll read more about this in the next issue of the newsletter.
Thanks to everyone who donated.
Thanks especially to Tony, KD8BBK. His help made things a breeze. Also, Bryan, N8WD for selling tickets tonight.
Now it’s off to bed for this guy. See you all later.


John, KD8MQ

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           Tonight November 13th meeting is one of the most important meeting night’s on the AARC Calendar. We not only will fill the vacancy of club secretary, but WE ARE DOING SOMETHING FOR THE KIDS.  John KD8MQ and Tony KD8BBK and other members of AARC have been working tirelessly behind the scenes to make this a great event. This is the night where we raise funds for the Alliance Fire Department annual Christmas Toys for Tots Event. The Items  going up for “Donation” are just super, so bring your cash and buy the tickets for a BUCK and then place them in the container next to your choice of Ham related item.  Last year, we raised over $600. because all of you know how important it is to help the AFD go out and buy toys for our Alliance Area kids who’s Christmas may not what it should be. See you at tonight’s meeting Nov. 13th and bring a lot of cash, “OUR KIDS” deserve a wonderful Christmas Holiday. God Bless You and Yours during the Holiday Season Events coming up!!
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