December Meeting Minutes

AllianceAmateur Radio Club

December 12, 2018 Meeting Minutes

Meeting Called to order by: President Ron Rittenhouse(KE8HCY)

Devotion led by: ?

Pledge of Allegiance led by: ?

1) Roll Call was taken: 14 members present – 2 guestspresent


John Myers (KD8MQ) Benjamin Davis (KD8KMQ)

Andy Magda (AC8JR) Dwight Turner (KD8YFV)

Paul Richardson (K2ASA) Tomas St. George (KC8ZEH)

Rex Simmons (NX8G) Dave Kleinhans (KE8IYN)

Miriam Sanor FrankSanor (WA8WHP)

Howard Miller (K8DXR) Charles Theiss (KE8EQI)

Dave Moreno (KE8JLP) Ron Rittenhouse (KE8HCY)


Mike Davghenbaugh (KE8THG)

Evan Ranki (KE8IDH)

2) Introduction of guests was done.

3) Members birthday recognition:

Michael Collins (KD8RUQ) 12/5

Gary Russell (KD8QFH) 12/9

Herbert G. Graybill (KE8ANO) 12/18

Jesse Evans (KD8KDK) 12/22

4) Treasurers report: Checking $XXXX, Savings $XXXX

5) Readingof last meetings minutes by secretary was waived by president because of timeconstraints.

6) Officers Reports:

President Ron Rittenhouse (KE8HCY):

We had a photo opportunity with the Alliance Fire Dept. Theclubs President Ron Rittenhouse (KE8HCY) presented them with the money our clubraised. The photo opp. was published in the Alliance Review newspaper and isalso posted on the clubs website. That gives the club a little more visibilityin the community.

Ron stated that he is submitting articles to our new systemon the website, and John Myers (KD8MQ) stated that he is on the mailing listfor the Leagues Public Information Officers and that the article from theReview was forwarded to that list. It went nationwide and to LeagueHeadquarters, so we might be mentioned in the pages of QST at some point.

We would like to commend everyone who donated items for theraffles, and to all who purchased raffle tickets. We raised $625.00 for the Fire Fighters Toy Drive.

Vice President Charlie Theiss (KE8EQI):

Charlie stated that he has sent out e-mails to severalpeople for presentations with no response. Ron stated that he would personallyspeak with Mark (the President of the Chamber of Commerce) about coming to ameeting to talk with us.

Secretary Dave Moreno (KE8JLP):

Dave stated a reminder that if anyone has photos ordocuments they’d like to have scanned for the digital archives, to please bringthem in so he can do so.

Trustees Howard Miller (K8DXR):

Howard stated that there was nothing new from the trusteesat this time.

7) Committee Reports

a) 2 Meter Repeater Net (Tomas):

Tomas St. George (KC8ZEH) stated that on 11/1 we had 11check-ins, on 11/8 we had 9 check-ins, on11/15 we had 7 check-ins, on 11/22 we had 4 check-ins, on 11/29 we had 9 check-ins, and on 12/6 wehad 9 check-ins. We know that currently Echo-Link is down. The system and antennaseem to be working fine. No complaints given by anyone.

b) 10 Meter CW Net (Charlie):

Charlie Theiss (KE8EQI) stated that there have been very fewcheck-ins.

c) 10 Meter Sideband Net (John):

John Myers (KD8MQ) stated that he’s missed hosting 2 of the last4 nets, but that otherwise they seem to be doing well thanks to the people whoare signing in.

Digression: Ron askedhow we’re doing with getting Echo-Link back up and running? John responded bystating that he’s working on the problem.

d) Home-land Security Net (Lorin):

Lorin Kleinhans (KD8WVE) was not in attendance. Someonestated that there were 4 check-ins. Discussions about setting up an emergencydaily time to connect incase all power goes out in NE Ohiofor emergency information sharing.

Digression: Johnstated that in the event of an emergency, the 2 meter repeater does havebattery back-up and the 440 machine is tied into the Hospital system whichpresumably is also on a battery back-up system(have not checked on that yet).So, in the event of power outages, we would still have communication abilities.

e) 2 Meter Repeater (John):

John Myers (KD8MQ) stated that he has a few leads on futuresites for the repeater. We have 4 different sites on the table as possibilitiesat the moment. The 1st is the WRMU tower behind the football fieldat Mount Union. That is John’s first pick. It isat 1200 ft ground level. It’s at the same altitude as the current location butwithout trees. The 2nd location is a tower west of alliance that isalso about 1200 ft elevation. The tower is 100+ ft high. The 3rd possibilityis out on Mahoning at an elevation of about 1100 ft. The problem is that it ison the east side of the ridge that runs through Alliance. We would probably loose Tomas andmaybe Minerva if we locate it there. The 4th possibility is down on Beeson outby Marlington H.S. It’s at 1130 ft elevation. He’s re-doubling his efforts toget it positioned at Mount Union. Ron is going tocall Blane Lewis at UMU.

f) 440 Repeater (John):

John Myers (KD8MQ) stated that the 440 repeater is workingwell, and re-stated that there will be spring maintenance done as well asgetting the serial # to add to the clubs insurance paperwork. John also statedthat the 440 repeater has a PL131.8 for encode and decode.

g) 2019 Field Days (John):

John Myers (KD8MQ) stated that we have 2 club rigs that willbe ready, and 4 logging computers in his workshop that he will start gettingnetworked next week. It was an issue last year where they weren’t networkedtogether. The site is reserved. It was suggested that the president contact thesite manager and ask about snow plowing in the event of snowfall. We have hadtalk about a chilly cook-off, but no definitive decision has been made yet thathe’s aware of. Between John, Tony and volunteers, we’ll get the towers set up.The site location is at Texas Ave.and Johnson Rd.

It was stated that there are still too many unknownvariables regarding the 2019 Summer Field Day to give any certain informationexcept that at this point, John (KD8MQ) will be running it.

The Winter Field Day is scheduled for 27 – 28 January.

h) Ways & Means: (John):

John Myers (KD8MQ) stated that we have a donation of anAstron 12 Amp Power Supply with battery backup capability. You supply thebattery. It will be used as a fund raiser. They sell at DX engineering at about$110.00. We’ll start it out at about $85.00. If interested, contact John. It’sa linear power supply. Not suggested for an HF rig. Great for running arepeater or mobile rig.

Ron stated that he and Andy (AC8JR) have been working on amajor Ways and Means project in the springtime. They’re thinking of offering anHF rig. The initial cost would run about $XXXX where there would be a minimumnumber of tickets sold that would then net the club $XXXX in funds. Example:selling 300 tickets minimum. It was also postulated that we could do a DXEngineering gift card instead. It will be discussed further. It was alsosuggested to sell tickets at ham-fests and other clubs to maximize incoming funds.

Training Classes (Frank):

Frank Sanor (WA8WHP) stated that as of now it looks likethere will be classes starting in Greentown at the V.F.W. sometime in January,because of the students location. We still don’t have a confirmation from theprospective students yet.

j) 501C-3 Status (John):

John Myers (KD8MQ) stated that the attorney had requested informationin the form of a mission statement. More will be cited in 8) New Businesssection.

Digressions: He alsostated that the website mailing list ( is being phased out infavor of a new one. It is: which is a better e-mail list. If youhaven’t done so already if you want to receive the mailing list of the clubsactivities, then find the e-mail that was sent to you and follow the prompts tosign up. If you did not receive the e-mail, then contact John so he can sendyou the link.

John also stated thatthe DX contest is on. The same rules apply as last year. Work as many DXcontacts as you can from October to the end of March. He needs at least 2entries to submit them.

8) Old Business:

a) W8LKY Business Cards:

The expenditure for the club business cards was approved bythe club members in attendance. 4 cards will be given to each member for themto put personal information on (name, e-mail, phone #) to give out toprospective members. Also, the club members in attendance voted to proceedforward with the club pamphlets and agreed to the expenditure of have themprinted by vistaprint. Also, a proposal of the Power Point Presentation wasmade again. It was proposed that members place them at public places.

b) Ham of the Year:

The floor was then turned over to Paul (K2ASA) for thepresentation of the Ham of the Year Award, and the presentation of theremaining participation certificates. We had a tie. As such, 2 awards will bepresented. The first award was presented to Dwight Turner (KD8YFV) for alwaysbeing around to be helpful behind the scenes taking pictures and giving advice.The second award was not announced because the presentee was not in attendance.

c) 2018 Certificates:

The remaining participation certificates were not on hand tobe presented.

d) 2018 Christmas Party:

We had problems with very slow service at Franks Restaurant.The possibility of changing venue to First Christian Church for the nextChristmas party was discussed. We would have the church for 4 hours, with aprice of $12.00 a head. Service would be immediate.

e) Winter Field Day:

Already covered above.

9) New Business:

a) Pamphlet Expenses:

Already covered above.

b) Winter Field Day Rental Fee:

$100.00 fee for rental was approved by vote.

c) Monthly Breakfast Location:

It was decided that we will start rotating breakfastlocations. It was proposed that we use 4 different locations: Ponchos, Perkins,The Blue Fig, and Franks. January at Ponchos, February at Perkins, March at TheBlue Fig, and April at Franks. The members in attendance approved the move.

d) Monthly Pre-meeting Dinner:

It was voted on and decided that for the first quarter ofthe new year, we will have the pre-meeting dinners at the Alliance Community Hospital cafeteria.

e) AARC Mission Statement:

The reason for the mission statement is that it’s a requiredpart of the paperwork that needs to be sent to Columbus for our 501C-3 non profit statusclassification certification.

The original proposed mission statement read as follows:

Mission Statement: AllianceAmateur Radio Club

It is our purpose to educate and promote radio knowledge,fraternalism, and individual operating efficiency, and to conduct club programsand activities as to advance the general interest and welfare of amateur radioin the community, and to provide public service electronic communications inthe event of disasters or other emergencies.

John stated that he kind of likes this version with theexception that it is a run on sentence.

He (?) did some tweaking between what we had approved andwhat Ron had sent out as a proposal, and this is what was come up with:

Mission Statement: AllianceAmateur Radio Club

The Alliance Amateur Radio Club seeks to promotefraternalism, to educate, and advance radio knowledge and individual operatingefficiency, to provide public service communications in the event of disastersor other emergencies, and to conduct club programs and other activities thatadvance the general interest and welfare of amateur radio in our community, county,and state.

The motion for adoption was put forth, and voted on. Themotion was adopted as read. This is the version that will be given to ourattorneys.

10) Program:

No program discussion was held.

11) Announcements:

Breakfast on January 5th, at 8:30 A.M. at PonchosRestaurant

12) Round Table:

Rex Simmons (NX8G) stated his appreciation with how mucheffort the new club officers have put in since accepting office.

Vice President Charlie Theiss (KE8EQI) read a ResignationLetter to the members in attendance, dated Dec. 12, 2018. It reads as follows:

Good evening everyone, good to see you all here tonight. Ihave some things I would like to say to all of you who have attended themeeting. It is deeply regrettable that I have to turn in my resignation as vicepresident of the AARC for the year of 2019. Over the last few years I havegrown to get to know and like the vast majority of your members. You havetaught me quite a bit about a lot of things radio related and fellowship andfor that I thank you. Over the last month and a half it has become painfullyaware to me that I am very much under qualified for this position in academicsand time allotted to participate although I planned to devote at least 4 to 5hours each month, this is not close to enough time to hang with this highlyenergetic group on the executive board and the club. Thank you and goodbye.

Sincerely, Charles Theiss (KE8EQI)

13) Next Meeting Date: January 9, 2018 Time: 7:30 P.M. Location: ACH / Café’ /Conf / Rm

14) Meeting was adjourned.

15) 50 /50 Drawing

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