February Meeting Minutes

Alliance Amateur Radio Club

Sorry it took so long to post the minutes everyone. I’ve had a very busy 2 weeks since the meeting. Thank you for your patience.

February 13, 2019 Meeting Minutes

Meeting called to order by: President Ron Rittenhouse (KE8HYC)

Devotion led by: Frank Sanor (WA8WHP)

Pledge of Allegiance led by: Tony Schillig (KD8BBK)

1) Roll call was taken: 14 members present – 1 guest present


Dave Moreno              (KE8JLP)        John Myers                  (KD8MQ)

Doug Matthew            (KB8DNQ)     Andrew Magda            (AC8JR)

Peter Lucke                 (N8IGZ)          Paul Richardson          (K2ASA)

Tomas St. George       (KC8ZEH)      Frank Sanor                 (WA8WHP)

Miriam Sanor                                      Howard Miller             (K8DXR)

Tony Schillig               (KD8BBK)     Ron Rittenhouse          (KE8HCY)

Dwight Turner             (KD8YFV)     Butch Kleinhans          (KE8IFY)


Scott Yonally              (N8SY)

2) Introduction of guests was done. Thank you for the program lecture Scott Yonally (N8SY).

 3) Members birthday recognition:

Patricia Collins            (KB8QWH) 2/6          Doug Matthew            (KB8DNQ) 2/8

Richard Bontrager      (KA8LKQ) 2/10         Carol Jordan                (KD8ZOR) 2/17

Don Kingan                (AB8KV) 2/19            Bryan Webler              (N8WD) 2/23

4) Approval of Agenda: Agenda was approved.

5) Treasurers Report: Checking: $XXX, Savings: $XXX

6) Reading of last meetings minutes by secretary was waived by president because of time constraints.

7) Officers Reports:

President Ron Rittenhouse (KE8HCY):

Ron stated that he has been in contact with Ways & Means and that the topic is still being discussed. Ron hopes that a definitive direction can be decided, hopefully, at this meeting. He also mentioned how much fun it was at the Winter Field Day and gave credit to those that brought in chili for the cook-off.

Vice President: Still Looking (??8???):

Secretary: Nothing to add.

Trustees: Nothing to add.

8) Committee Reports

a) 2 Meter Net – Thomas St. George (KC8ZEH):

Tomas stated that we had 9 check-ins on 3 January, 9 check-ins on 10 January, 12 check-ins on 17 Jan, 11 check-ins on 24 January, 11 check-ins on 31 January, and 10 check-ins on 7 February. He also stated that he hosted the 10 meter net on 1 February and had 6 check-ins there. We would like to get more participation on the 2 meter net.

b) 10 Meter CW Net – Frank Sanor (WA8WHP):

Frank stated that until last Thursday night we had no check-ins. Last Thursday night (7 February) he had 1 check-in. He stated that we can slow down on the keying speed if necessary to accommodate less experienced CW operators. We need to get our numbers up.

c) 10 Meter SSB Net – John Myers (KD8MQ):

John stated that the net has been plugging away, and that we’ve gotten feedback from as far away as Arkansas and Louisiana about the fact that we’re using a call in frequency. As a result, we’re going to look into the possibility of changing to a different frequency. Especially of concern is when sun spot activity increases, which will allow further transmission on signals which may interfere with normal traffic at longer distances.

d) Homeland Security Net – Lorin Kleinhans (KD8WVE):

Someone stated that we’ve had 6-7 check-ins, some as far away as Girard. It was stated that some people running even 5 watts output have been able to connect based on location. Just a reminder, the net is now every Tuesday on simplex 147.510 at 1900 hrs (7:00 P.M.).

e) 2 Meter Repeater – John Myers (KD8MQ):

John stated that there wasn’t much new to report at the moment with the exception of a possible problem with the Mount Union University placement of the repeater. If that placement doesn’t work, we still have a few other possibilities.

f) 440 Repeater – John Myers (KD8MQ):

John stated that the 440 machine is still working okay. He stated that he will be organizing a work party for a Saturday morning in March for the replacement of the feed-line and antenna. The antenna is yet to be identified. He would like to replace the current antenna.

g) 2019 Field Days – John Myers (KD8MQ):

The Summer Field Day – Choices are Marlington Middle School and The Sebring Church Camp. At Marlington, we can not do a bonfire or campfire. We can get a full size 1000 ft circle out at Marlington. It’s $75 for the Marlington Pavilion.

at the Sebring Church Camp, we can have a bonfire or campfire. He thinks that we can also get a full size 1000 ft circle out at the Church Camp. 2 days at the campground renting the Youth Pavilion will cost $80 for the 2 day rental + $15 for each campsite, tent or camper per night.

A vote was taken and the Church Camp was chosen.

h) Ways & Means – Andy Magda (AC8JR):

Ron stated that Dwight had offered to give Andy some help with the W&M Committee work and asked for someone else to help as well. The Icom 7300 has been tentatively chosen as the raffle radio. The club chose to hold off on the purchase until we get the raffle under way. It was suggested that we get the ball rolling and set up stands at various Ham fests to promote the raffle and sell tickets before the purchase. It was decided that the raffle will happen next summer / fall. Ron suggested that we come up with some ideas for near future Ways & Means projects in the interment.

i) Training Classes – Frank Sanor (WA8WHP): Nothing is currently in the works. We need at least 4 people to reserve the place. There was a discussion about putting ads in the local paper. There was also a suggestion to buy space to advertise on local restaurant placemats.

j) 501C-3 – John Myers (KD8MQ):

It will be discussed below.

k) 2 Meter Tower – John Myers (KD8MQ):

It was briefly mentioned above.

9) Old business:

a) 2019 Winter Field Day – Tony Schillig (KD8BBK):

Tony stated that that the Winter Field Day went over pretty well, in spite of the weather causing a late change in the location. He gave Ron thanks for the last minute organization of the Field Day at the church. He then described the non-echo achieved from the carpeted floors, and the usefulness of the kitchenette area in the church. Doug (KB8DNQ) racked up a ton of contacts on 40 meters, Shawn Gentile (KD8ZEZ) was getting hot on 80 meters until he had to be shut down because we were out of time and needed to tear down, and Dwight (KD8YFV) was running 20 meters and they enlisted the help of ????? (KD8SRR)’s son who is studying to get his Tech Class License. He did well and made a number of contacts in Canton. Tony would have liked to see more participation. We learned a lot about very quick setup, which was helpful practice for emergencies. We had a total of 107 contacts. Note to Tony: The secretary needs a copy of your Chairman’s Planning Guide for the records. Thanks.

b) 2018 Member Awards:

Awards were handed out to Dwight Turner (KD8YFV) and Peter Lucke (N8IGZ).

10) New Business:

a) AARC Conflict of Interest Policy – John (KD8MQ):

John stated that there are 2 things that need approval for the 501C-3 for the club to move forward. The first is the Conflict of Interest Policy which has been posted on the club website since the last meeting. A vote was taken and it was approved.

b) The second is the By-Law Amendment – John (KD8MQ):

John stated that the By-Law Amendment was also required for the club to move forward with the 501C-3 status. It has also been on the club website for the last month. A vote was taken and it was approved with 2 amendments. (The first was in the last line of part b: it’s a misspelling. The second was in Section 3: It states that the fiscal year ends on December 31, but should read that the fiscal year ends 31 March.) The amendments were voted on and approved.

c) June Picnic Location:

The pre-field day picnic at either the Silver Park Cabin or the Silver Park JC’s Pavilion – A vote was taken and the Cabin was chosen. The date is 12 June (Wednesday) in place of our regular monthly meeting.

11) Announcements:

Breakfast: 2 March, 2019 at 8:30 P.M. at Perkins Restaurant on Rt. 173 (State St.) east of Alliance.

12) Next Meeting Date:

13 March, 2019 at 7:30 P.M. at the Alliance Community Hospital Café’ Conference Room

13) Roundtable:

Dave (KE8JLP) notified the club that on 24 November, 2018 the FCC passed a law that made any Chinese radio that is capable of transmitting outside of the Amateur Radio Bands illegal effective immediately. 3 days after the new law went into effect, the ARRL got involved and spoke to the FCC and the FCC decided that for now, the new law is still up in the air. There are over 400,000 radios that this law would affect. So, just a heads up everyone. The FCC doesn’t appear to be currently enforcing the new law, but that could change at any time.

John (KD8MQ) stated that there will be build (antenna) coming up in April for roll up J-poles. More information to come, but it’ll probably be on a Tuesday night.

Also, he’s working on activations for a club call for the Carnation week.

Tony (KD8BBK) stated as a reminder: There is a new repeater out there for Canton. It’s 442.075+ with a PL of 131.8 operated by Doug (N8GNO).

Tony then stated that the weekend before the meeting he, John, and two others went out and did an event they called Freeze Your Acorns Off. They set up an antenna in the cold. They were in a trailer transmitting at 10 watts and managed to make 72 contacts. So, get out there and have some fun people, even in the cold. It was a QRP event. Be active. There are a lot of events like that in different communities.

14) Adjournment: The meeting was adjourned.

15) 50/50 Drawing: The drawing was done.

16) Election of Vice President: No Vice President was elected.

17) Program about ARES of Stark County – Scott Yonally (N8SY):

Scott started the presentation by expressing the importance of ARRL membership. All of the stats he gave are as follows:

Right now we have 755,801 licensed amateurs in the U.S. It’s the most we’ve ever had.

The numbers are rising at about 3% per year.

Today we have 156,580 ARRL members. That’s about 20% of the licensees.

There are 27,904 licensed Hams in Ohio right now.

There are 5,798 ARRL members in Ohio right now.

There are 418 Novices in Ohio right now.

There are 13,000 Techs in Ohio right now.

There are 7,016 Generals in Ohio right now.

There are 1,500 Advanced in Ohio right now.

There are 5,938 Extras in Ohio right now.

There are more ARRL members in Ohio than in any other state.

There are 117 ARRL affiliated clubs in Ohio right now.

Scott presented our clubs ARRL Special Services Club renewal to us (framed) at the meeting.

The first Special Services Club in the country is in Portage County, Ohio.

The Ohio ARES Program has 1700 members.

Ohio has more ARES members than any other state. Ohio has 30% of the nations ARES members.

ARES Connect is an event based system. Google calendar is similar. ARES Connect is a calendar program that tracks how many hours total are used each month for Ham radio. It gives the ARRL and ARES a tally of the hours used for Ham which shows how valuable we are to the government and the community. Chart planning, meetings, nets, meetings, classes, etc… The government looks at how much value there is to it. They rate our time at $24.62 per hour saved by the government. We gave 2.69 million dollars in service last year alone. It shows how indispensable we are. You just need to sign up, and sign in with your hours and what you spent them on. There are even prizes awarded for the most time logged.

ARES Connect has 908 people currently in Ohio. They’re looking for more. Just go to the Ohio Section website, scroll down the left side of the screen, and click on the link to register. It only takes about 5 minutes to register. This will register you as a level 1 person. When you complete your FEMA certifications, you will move up to level 2. There are certifications that you can do to move up to level 3. Level 3 classes are manager level in nature (professional level classes).

Look into it.


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