Minutes – January AARC Meeting

AARC January 10, 2018

KD8MQ John Meyers
KD8KMQ Ben Davis
N8IGZ Peter Lucke
KE8EQI Charlie Theiss
KE8HCY Ron RIttenhouse
Miriam Sanor
WA8WHP Frank Sanor
KD8WVE Loren Kleinans
K2ASA Paul Richards
KC8ZEH Tomas St. George
WD8AYC Rick Graber
KD8RFZ Mary Maendel
N8WD Bryan Webler
K7CE Carl Manning
KD8YFV Dwight Turner
KE8CKL Mike Urban
NX8G Rex Simmons
Heath Urban
KD8JRK Tom Steele
Fran Lones

Meeting started at 7:30 with prayer and pledge and intros
Minutes submitted by email and approved
Repeater update, nothing new, Eric and John are going in different directions at this time, are trying to get together.
CW net we are only picking up 1 or 2 signals at it’s new time of 8:30
10 meter net, doing well, band conditions are improving, now broadcasting at 8 p.m. hope to be home tomorrow for it
2 meter net, still good amount of check ins with echo link as well
KD8WVE, Loren, who runs home land security has had 4 check ins, wants to do it every other week. The 2nd and last Tues. will be for regular check ins and the others for topics at 8:00 p.m. on simplex frequency
WA8WHP, Frank reported on classes, went well but had a few technical difficulties, but around 10 students, want to do 9 weeks into 6.
Old business:
Handed out awards to those who missed them in Dec.
501 c3 KD8MQ, John, KD8BBK, Tony and WA8WHP, Frank met with Katie Snyder can do the Ohio paperwork,  Lynn Baxter can do all the legal stuff except for restarting Ohio paperwork
There is a one time fee of $600.00 for Federal paperwork and Katie’s fee would be $100.00 so all in it could be $700.00 once we get final numbers we will bring it up for vote.
K2ASA, Paul passed around list of equipment we currently are trying to sell.
KD8JRK, Tom asked about the status on the headphones we wanted DX Engineering to donate to us. It was never motioned on, so we have no status to report.
New Business:
KD8MQ, John has new info on the special event station, usually in Aug. during days in the park. It’s fun but a lot of work, he proposes that we forgo it and we run a special event station for the entire festival week, using our own stations but the club call sign after confirming with KD8MQ, John so there will be no duplicates. That will make it simpler and more efficient for club. If someone wants to go and set up at the park, they are free to do so. We did have issues with kids playing around antennas, it could be dangerous.
This would open us up to more variety of types of signals as well as locations. We could display club banner when on locations. As far as public interface we are open to other ideas.
Field day will be June 23rd and 24th .
Motion made to change special event during Carnation Days in July and August from static location to floating station and to expand it from day to the duration of festival by KD8RFZ, M,ary.
Seconded KD8JRK, Tom motion passed
Winter field day, 27th and 28th of January Sat. and Sun. at 50.00 a day for a total of 100.00
Saturday night we will have a chili cook off about 5:30 to 6pm followed by dessert bake off.
K2ASA, Paul cannot make it to event, but KC8ZEH, Tomas, will be there to oversee. If there is snow, we will have to remove it.
Chili, make at home, bring it in confidentially, don’t let anyone know who’s is what so we don’t know who’s is best. When we sign in, you’ll get 2 tickets, and test the foods, drop one ticket for chili and one for dessert. The ones with the most tickets wins the cookoff, in case of tie, we will have impartial judge make final decision.
Equipment needed: laptops, software, we have software, we will operate 2 or 3 stations, we decided to run 3 stations, time to show up depends on weather, if we have snow, we will need to get there earlier than later. KD8MQ will bring utensils
Recognition for the Elmer award goes to Frank Sanor WA8WHP
Feb. 3rd 8:30 am, breakfast
Feb. 14th next meeting
Motion made to close meeting at 8:20 by KD8JRK, Tom, and 2nd by WA8WHP, Frank.
Meeting closed.

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