January Meeting Minutes

Alliance Amateur Radio Club

January 9, 2019 Meeting Minutes

Meeting Called to order by: President Ron Rittenhouse (KE8HCY)

Devotion led by: Frank Sanor (WA8WHP)

Pledge of Allegiance led by: Andy Magda (AC8JR)

1) Roll call was taken: 17 members present – 1 guest present


John Myers                  (KD8MQ)                   Benjamin Davis           (KD8KMQ)

Andrew Magda            (AC8JR)                     Paul Richardson           (K2ASA)

Dwight Turner             (KD8YFV)                 Rick Graber                  (WD8AYC)

Tomas St. George        (KC8ZEH)                 Bryan Webler               (N8WD)

Rex Simmons               (NX8G)                     Peter Lucke                  (N8IGZ)

Heath Urban                 (KE8KAV)                Miriam Sanor

Frank Sanor                  (WA8WHP)              Howard Miller             (K8DXR)

Tony Schillig                (KD8BBK)                Ron Rittenhouse         (KE8HCY)

Dave Moreno                (KE8JLP)


Doug Matthew              (KB8DNQ)

2) Introduction of guests was done. Doug Matthew (KD8DNQ) became a new member. Welcome to the club Doug.

3) Members birthday recognition:

Anthony Schillig (KD8BBK) 1/8

Rex Simmons (NX8G) 1/21

4) Treasurers Report: Checking: $ XXX, Savings: $ XXX

5) Reading of last meetings minutes by secretary was waived by president because of time constraints.

6) Officers Reports:

President Ron Rittenhouse (KE8HCY):

Ron notified the club that there would be a proposal for pamphlet / business card holders at the meeting. A photo of the holders was passed around and a vote was taken. The motion passed. The holders would be ordered. Ron also stated that they would be distributed to the Mayors office, the Chamber of Commerce, Rodman Public Library, and various other locations around the area. He then stated that anyone that would like a stand to position at a location should contact Rex Simmons (NX8G). He then notified the club that the pamphlets had arrived.


Howard Miller (K8DXR) stated that other than the special election vote, that there was nothing to add.

7) Committee Reports:

a) 2 Meter Net (Tomas):

Tomas St. George (KC8ZEH) stated that we haven’t been doing to well on the 2 meter net. On 12/6 we had 9 check-ins. On 12/13 we had 10 check-ins. On 12/20 we had 7 check-ins. On 12/27 we had 9 check-ins. On 1/3 we had 9 check-ins. He stated that we might be loosing 3 to 5 people each net because of the loss of Echo Link. He also stated that he’s been in communication with a gentleman from out of state that cannot participate because of Echo Link being down. He then stated that the problem is being worked on. He then stated that the 2 meter machine is working well, and added that if anyone is picking up a loud noise on the machine, they should turn their tone squelch on in order to eliminate it.

b) 10 Meter CW Net (Frank):

Frank Sanor (WA8WHP) stated that because of his situation, that he hasn’t had much luck getting on the net from home. Note: Charlie Theiss (KE8EQI) has been attempting to run it in the interment, but was not at the meeting as he was unavailable.

c) 10 Meter USB Net (John):

John Myers (KD8MQ) stated that it’s plugging away. His rig problem has been solved. He said that he didn’t know if it was an RTFM problem or an IBMT issue, but that it has been resolved. He stated that he can now hear Tomas (KC8ZEH) in Canton. It’s going along pretty steadily.

d) Home Land Security Net (Lorin):

Someone stated that there were 6 check-ins the night before the meeting. We had a new ham that checked in from Girard, (KD8SNM). We have been meeting on the net twice a month (on Tuesdays). Lorin (KD8WVE) would like to increase that to every Tuesday. Hopefully, we’ll get more participation then, because it’s easy for people to forget when it’s every other week. The changes will mean that the net meets every Tuesday at 7:00 P.M. Again, the purpose is to operate without the repeater if necessary during emergencies. The last power outage, the 2 meter repeater operated for 24 hours approx. but for more extended need, this net is needed. A reminder: the frequency is 147.510 simplex. We will meet at 7:00 P.M. every Tuesday.

e) 2 Meter Repeater (John):

John Myers (KD8MQ) stated that his battery charge controller bit the dust last week. It is no longer charging the battery. Sometime next week he will be boxing it up, and sending it back to West Mountain Radio for repair. It is not under warrantee any longer. He will not be asking the club for repair funds. All of the cables are in for Echo Link. He has a spare rig that will be set up for Echo Link. It will take some time, so please be patient. Sometime in February he will try to get it going. John has never done this before, so there will be a learning curve involved.

f) 440 Repeater (John):

John Myers (KD8MQ) stated that we had some noise on the 440 machine. In March, John wants to do a workday on the repeater to replace the feed-line and antenna. He also needs the serial number off the machine. He stated that he won’t need an excessive amount of help, and that 3 people should be enough. He stated that if an antenna isn’t donated, that he’ll be asking for money for an antenna. He will schedule the workday.

g) 2019 Field Days:

Tony Schillig (KD8BBK) will chair the January Winter Field Day. Someone is already bringing water and coffee pots. Someone else is already bringing doughnuts. The tradition had been a chili cook-off, and it was decided that the chili cook-off will continue this year. Chili-dogs are also acceptable. Breakfast was discussed, and it was decided that bringing breakfast items was preferable on Sunday. There was a possibility of Perkins restaurant for breakfast before final setup on Saturday discussed, but we would be sitting individually instead of as a group because of a group meeting that would already be there (having priority). Ponchos’ was also discussed as a possibility for the Saturday Field Day breakfast location. The suggestion was getting the breakfast buffet so it would be quicker, and so that everyone could finish and head to the Field Day site at the same time. No definitive decision was made, so check with Tony (KD8BBK) before the 26th. Last year we operated 3 rigs, and this year we’re expecting to do the same. It is located at the old church camp on Lake Park Blvd. If you drive east on state St. out of Alliance, you will come to the Perkins on your left hand side of the road. Turn left there, and drive down to Lake Park Blvd. There will be a church on your right hand side (Texas Ave.), and the road of your left (Lake Park Blvd.). The camp is on the northwest corner. Just a reminder: The Winter Field Day is 2:00 P.M. January 26 – 2:00 P.M. January 27.

John Myers (KD8MQ) re-stated from last month if anyone would like to try a different site for summer, contact John about it, and at the February meeting we will have a brainstorm session comparing the different possibilities and vote on it. Then closer to the Summer Field Day (May or June), we’ll have some meetings to discuss it further with emphasis on planning.

h) Ways & Means:

Ron (KE8HCY) was part of the Ways & Means Committee, but with becoming the Club President, we’re looking for a new volunteer to assist Andy (AC8JR) with the committee. We have the packet of information that we’re looking at for the fundraiser, but need someone to take over Ron’s spot to chair the committee. It would start now, and run until approx. 120 days from now (somewhere around Fathers Day). If interested, contact Ron. He has all of the pertinent information.

i) Training Classes:

Frank (WA8WHP) stated that it is still up in the air, but he’s still hoping for a start date of sometime in late January to early February.

j) 501C-3 Status:

John (KD8MQ) stated that we’re closer than we’ve ever been to approval. He stated that we can have this all wrapped up in February. He’s been going back and forth with the attorney, and has paperwork for the trustees to sign. We need a conflict of interest policy, an example of which we have here at the meeting. We can vote on it at the next meeting. It will be posted on the website tomorrow. Next, the attorney also requests an addition to the club bylaws, an article XII, which is also a proclamation of the conflict of interest clause. We need 2 other signatures tonight to go with mine on it, and according to bylaws it can not be voted upon or discussed until the February meeting. It will be posted to the website as well. Next, there is an amendment to the articles of a corporation that the trustees need to sign. Signatures were acquired at the end of the meeting. The finalization of aforementioned items will be voted on at the February meeting. Mention: Klunks office was doing part of the legal filing, now they will be doing it all (pro-bono). The club members in attendance approved the measure. We will only have to pay the filing fees.

k) 2 Meter Tower:

Ron (KE8HCY) stated that he called Blaine the day of the meeting, and had not received a call back. Ron stated that he will try to physically meet up with Blaine to discuss the possible antenna placement. He stated that he’s sure that Blaine is very busy with all that his job entails as site manager for Mount Union. Ron is trying to work on a possible site for an antenna right behind the north end of the stadium. John would like to attend the meeting as well.

8) Old Business:

a) W8LKY Pamphlets:

Important points discussed above.

b) 2018 Ham of the Year:

Paul (K2ASA) stated that the Ham of the Year Award is usually handed out at the clubs annual Christmas party. He also reminded everyone that this year we had a tie. Since the second recipient didn’t attend the party, that their award was being presented at this meeting. Paul presented the second Ham of the Year Award to Peter Lucke (N8IGZ).

c) Certificates of Appreciation:

A few were awarded. There are still a few to give out, but the recipients didn’t attend the Christmas party or the January meeting. We will work on getting the rest handed out as possible.

d) Winter Field Day:

Already covered above.

9) New Business:

a) Tri-fold Brochure Holder:

Already covered above.

b) Reminder:

DX Engineering winter sale day Saturday 19 January.

Tusco Amateur Radio Club’s 29th Annual Hamfest, Electronics & Computer Show Sunday, January 27th

Mansfield Hamfest is coming up soon too. February 9th.

c) Simplex Contest

We’re having a simplex contest, see club website for details.

10) Program:

Postponed to a later date. February Program: ARES of Stark County

11) Announcements:

Breakfast: February 2nd, 8:30 A.M. at Poncho’s

12) Round Table:

Nothing of note.

13) Next Meeting Date: February 13th, 2019 Time: 7:30 P.M. Location: ACH / Café’ / Conference Room

14) Adjournment

15) 50 /50 Drawing

16) Special Election Conducted by Trustees:

No volunteer candidates for Vice President position. Special Election was postponed until February meeting.

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