March Meeting Minutes

Alliance Amateur Radio Club


March 13, 2019 Meeting Minutes



1) The yearly membership dues are up for renewal. You will no longer be a current member as of April 1, 2019 unless you renew. $15 Sustaining, $10 Full, $5 Associate, $1 Family.

2) The deadline for the 2nd Club T-shirt order is April 30, 2019. Immediately after that date, the order will be submitted, so get them while you can folks. Contact Ron Rittenhouse for prices.

Meeting called to order by: President Ron Rittenhouse (KE8HCY)

Devotion led by: Frank Sanor (WA8WHP)

Pledge of Allegiance led by: Paul Richardson (K2ASA)


1) Roll call was taken: 16 members present – 2 guests present



John Myers (KD8MQ)                        Benjamin Davis (KD8KMQ)

Doug Matthew (KB8DNQ)               Andrew Magda (AC8JR)

Paul Richardson (K2ASA)                 Charlie Theiss (KE8EQI)

Dave Kleinhans (KE8IYN)                Frank Sanor (WA8WHP)

Ron Rittenhouse (KE8HCY)             Cliff Burse (KE8FSZ)

Dwight Turner (KD8YFV)                 Peter Lucke (N8IGZ)

Tomas St. George (KC8ZEH)            Rick Graber (WD8AYC)

Joe Williamson (KE8KZJ)                  Dave Moreno (KE8JLP)



Miriam Sanor              Frances Lonci


2) Introduction of guests was done.


3a) Members birthday recognition:


Mary Royer (KB8IVS) 3/13

Eddie Kee (KC8HUU) 3/15

Charles Fitzsimmons (N8LGE) 3/30


3b) Program: Presentation to club by Mark Locke (CEO of The Alliance Chamber of Commerce)


Mark stated that he has been at the Chamber for 17 years so far. He then stated that they are in business to help businesses succeed. He said that they do more than that, but that it is their primary focus. They help businesses with issues with the city and state, issues with any regulations, also with marketing and HR. He then stated that the Chamber is not affiliated with any government agency, but that they work with those entities. They receive no government funding, nor do they want to. They want to remain impartial. They rely on membership dues to cover their expenses. He then stated that they currently have just over 400 members. He said that they are not a department of the City of Alliance, and that they do not run the Carnation City Festival. He said that they help with the Festival, but do not run it, a common misconception. When he first started the Chamber in 2002, it was a pretty weak economy. The Chamber became more responsive to local business needs, and tried to reduce costs, and restructured the Chamber. They began to offer marketing seminars at no cost to members.


They also offer services non business related such as the Convention of Visitors Bureau for the City of Alliance. They now have a tourism committee, where they get bus tours that spend the day in Alliance patroning places like the Mabel Hartzel Museum, Haines House, the Troll Hole, the Black History Museum, and the Glamorgan Castle to name a few.


They offer networking opportunities and a website listing, along with a newsletter. They have numerous committees, the most popular being their Economic Development Committee. It’s been a godsend for keeping multiple groups from working on the same projects without knowing about one another. They also have a Business Education Committee.



Eastern Stark County Safety Counsel that has promoted safety in local businesses, and to date has gotten rebates in the amount of $400,000 since 2006. Local businesses just need to attend a certain amount of meetings and keep a specific safety record to get the rebates from the Workman’s Comp. fund.


They have legislative breakfasts, for the Mayor, and Councilmember’s.


In the fall, they have the Business Alliance Awards where they issue awards for the Small Business of the Year, Large Business of the Year, the Spirit Enterprise Award, and the  Golden Spade Awards for new businesses.


They offer seminars, and a golf outing. Business After Hours is a meet and greet occasion, as is the Business Before Breakfast.


Tip Clubs are referral groups that meet every week. There is one person from each industry invited. It’s used as another marketing tool.


They are in the process of updating their tourism and historical pamphlets.


They also have an Art fest and Food Truck Rally.


The city voted to get rid of the Downtown Events Commission that had concerts at the Caboose. The Chamber is taking over running the events.


Frank Sanor (WA8WHP) asked if there would be the possibility of our club getting permission to use one of their buildings for Ham Radio classes when not already in use. It was discussed, and seems to be a possibility.


Thank you Mark Locke for the presentation.


3c) Our Power Point Presentation was viewed and approved for use (the federal information part is under review for possibly being cut from the presentation).


Thank you Peter Lucke (N8IGZ) for the help with the Power Point Presentation setup.


4) Approval of Agenda modifications were accepted. Payments for the P.O. Box at $92, Insurance renewal at $129, Liability insurance at $250, and the payment for the Summer Field Day were adopted at $80.


5) Treasurers Report: Checking: $XXXX, Savings: $0.00


6) The reading of the last meetings minutes was waived by vote.


7) Officers Reports: Nothing new that isn’t discussed elsewhere in this month’s minutes, except small notification in the Alliance Review a few days prior to the monthly meetings. Ron stated that he will take care of it.


8) Committee Reports:


a) 2 Meter net – Tomas (KC8ZEH): 2/14 we had 10 check-ins, 2/21 we had 12 check-ins, 2/28 we had 13 check-ins, 3/7 we had 9 check-ins.


Dave (N8GOB) has an Icom-718 with manual for sale. He’s asking $450 for it. Contact Tomas to get his phone number if interested.


b) 10 Meter CW Net – Frank (WA8WHP): Frank said that Charlie (KE8EQI) is the only person he’s been able to contact lately. He stated that he’s working on improvements.


c) 10 Meter Side Band Net – John (KD8MQ): The frequency has been changed to 28.420 to decrease interference. John will not be available to run the net from April through September on the fourth Thursday of each month due to other commitments. We will be looking for someone to sub for him on those nights. Let John know if you can help.


d) Homeland Security Net – Lorin (KD8WVE): It was stated that 2/19 we had 14 check- ins, 2/26 we had 11 check-ins, 3/5 we had 8 check-ins, and on 3/12 we had 9 check-ins.


e) 2 Meter Repeater – John (KD8MQ): John stated that the college as a new tower location doesn’t seem to be looking good at this point. We’re now working on the location to the west of town. John will be promoting it to the owner of the property. The South Arch location doesn’t seem to fit our needs (not high enough in elevation).


f) 440 Repeater – John (KD8MQ): John pushed back the maintenance on the machine until next month when we have more reliable weather.


g) 2019 Field Days – John (KD8MQ): Nothing new.


h) Ways & Means – Andy (AC8JR): Nothing new until fall. There will be smaller scale ideas brought up at the next meeting for the near future.


i) Training Classes – Frank (WA8WHP): Nothing new at this time.


j) 501C-3 – John (KD8MQ): All of the paperwork has been submitted, and unless there is a problem that arises, we should have confirmation in the next 180 days of approval.


k) 2 Meter Tower – John (KD8MQ): Mentioned above.


l) Programs – John (KD8MQ): Working on program for April, in May we have Ken (KA8OAD) coming to speak about DMR. June is the pre-field day picnic at Silver Park, and July we will be going over the clubs history unless something else comes up, August is to be determined, and September will be someone coming to tell us about Nicolas Tesla. If anyone has any suggestions for upcoming programs, contact John.


9) Old Business:


a) Member Awards: Awards were given out to the members who hadn’t been available to receive them earlier.


b) Echo link: Nothing new.


c) Power Point Presentation: Already discussed above.


10) New Business:


a) Picnic on June 12, 2019 – Nothing new.


b) Sebring Holiness Camp $80 fee for the Summer Field Day as mentioned above was voted on and approved. This fee includes use of a building and the use of restrooms and showers on the premises. There is also a $15 fee per night for anyone who wants to have a camper there.


c) Relay for Life / UMU – Ron (KE8HCY): Ron stated that the relay will be on April 19-20, 2019. He’s proposing that we either donate $100 to it, or try to see if the club can do something joint with APD or AFD. A vote was taken and approved for the $100 donation. The coordination’s will be worked on separately.

11) Announcements: Breakfast – April 6, 2019 at 8:30 A.M. at The Blue Fig located at 2340 W. State St. in Alliance


12) Next Meeting Date: April 10, 2019 at 7:30 P.M. at the Café’ Conference Room / Alliance City Hospital


13) Round Table: Dave (KE8JLP) gave a reminder of the deadline for t-shirt orders. Paul mentioned the annual DX competition which comes to an end at the end of this month. Afterward, send John your logs. Dwight (KD8YFV) mentioned that there is the Cuyahoga Ham fest coming up next month with an entry fee of $6. Dave (KE8JLP) mentioned that the testing is free at the event. You must pre-register to take the test.


14) Adjournment: Voted on and approved.


15) 50/50 drawing was done.


16a) Trustees: Election of Vice President – No candidates ran so the position is still open.


16b) 8 members renewed their memberships at the meeting. The funds were given to Tony (KD8BBK) Treasurer.


16c) We’d like to welcome Joe Williamson (KE8KZJ) to the club as a new member.

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