May, 2019 Meeting Minutes

Alliance Amateur Radio Club

May 8, 2019 Meeting Minutes

The yearly membership renewals were due by March 31. You need to pay your dues for this fiscal year to continue to be a current member in good standing. $15 Sustaining, $10 Full, $5 Associate, $1 Family. You can download the form from the club website ( and mail it to the club P.O. Box listed at the top of the form, or you can attend the next meeting and fill out the form there, and pay your money. The club secretary will have forms for you to use.

Meeting called to order by: President Ron Rittenhouse (KE8HCY)

Devotion led by: Frank Sanor (WA8WHP)

Pledge of Allegiance led by: Benjamin Davis (KD8KMQ)

1) Roll call was taken: 21 members present – 3 guests present

John Myers (KD8MQ)

Benjamin Davis (KD8KMQ)

Dwight Turner (KD8YFV)

Peter Lucke (N8IGZ)

Andy Magda (AC8JR)

Jerry Wheeler (KG8RN)

Paul Richardson (K2ASA)

Tomas St. George (KC8ZEH)

Rick Graber (W8AYC)

Joe Williamson (KE8KZJ)

Rex Simmons (NX8G)

Bryan Webler (N8WD)

Heath Urban (KE8KAV)

Karen Warner (WD8BIW)

Bob Warner (WB8OVQ)

Frank Sanor (WA8WHP)

Chris McDaniel (AC8VN)

Tony Schillig (KD8BBK)

Ron Rittenhouse (KE8HCY)

Dave Moreno (KE8JLP)

Doug Matthew (KB8DNQ)


Jim Korenz (N8PXW)

Miriam Sanor

Ken Dorsey – Presentation Speaker (KA8OAD)

2) Introductions:
a) Introductions of members was done.

b) Introductions of guests was done.

3) Members birthday recognition:

Thomas Scoville (WA8VHH) 5/12

Charles Ungle (WA8YNB) 5/15

Jeff Hendershot (KD8QCF) 5/29

4) Approval of Agenda: The agenda was updated and approved.

5) Treasurer’s Report: Checking $XXXX, Savings N/A

6) Reading of Last Meetings Minutes from April – Secretary – Waived

7) Officers Reports:

President Activity: Ron (KE8HCY) Nothing to report.

Vice President Activity: Doug Matthew (KB8DNQ) Nothing to report.

Secretary Activity: Dave Moreno (KE8JLP) Reminder that the membership dues are past due.

Trustees Activity: Nothing to report.

8) Committee Reports:

a) 2 Meter Net – Tomas (KC8ZEH): On 4/4 we had 10 check-ins, on 4/11 we had 11 check-ins, on 4/18 we had 10 check-ins, on 4/25 we had 14 check-ins, and on 5/5 we had 10 check-ins.

Ratings on how people are receiving the repeater at new location: Dennis (K8AGB) said he was receiving our signal at half scale. Tomas stated that he was receiving at full scale.

b) 10 Meter CW Net – Frank (WA8WHP): Frank stated that he’s only receiving 1 check-in each week, and it’s from Charlie (KE8EQI).

c) 10 Meter Sideband Net – John (KD8MQ): John stated that it’s pretty static, with good weeks and fair weeks. A solid group of people are received each week.

d) Homeland Security Net – Lorin (KD8WVE): On 5/7 we had 7 check-ins, on 4/30 we had 14 check-ins.

e) 2 Meter Repeater – John (KD8MQ): The new location is at the top of a 30 foot tower with a base height of 1250 feet. We have vastly improved the range to the southwest, the west, northwest, but have dropped off substantially in the east. Anything east of the Hillcrest Ridge has a major drop off of signal strength. Once we get up to full height on the tower, it should no longer be an issue.

f) 440 Repeater – John (KD8MQ): John stated that he hasn’t done anything new with the 440 repeater. He’s putting it on hold until after the 2 meter is repositioned.

g) Field Days – John (KD8MQ): The site will be the Sebring Holiness Camp. John and Heath (KE8KAV) are working on food planning. John passed around a sheet of bonus point tasks for sign up.

h) Ways & Means – Andy (AC8JR): Nothing at this time. There was discussion of planning some small projects before the larger one this fall.

i) Training Classes – Frank (WA8WHP): Nothing new for sure yet.

j) 501C-3 – John (KD8MQ): John contacted Emily over the last month, and was told to be patient and wait. We’re half way through the process at this time.

k) 2 Meter Tower – John (KD8MQ): Ben (KD8KMQ) stated that he does have a temporary echo-link node on line that is connected to the echo-link system with his call-sign (KD8KMQ). It is currently linked over radio to the club repeater. Give it a try and keep him informed. He stated that he knows that it will need some tweaking. I will eventually be switched to the club call.

9) Old Business:

a) Club T-shirts have not been ordered yet. The newest deadline is June 1st.

b) Club Picnic: The June meeting will be at the Silver Park Cabin again this year. It will be a carry in pot luck again this year. We’re looking for a volunteer to cook the food.

10) New Business:

a) Budget for 2 Meter Repeater: John (KD8MQ) gave a breakdown of the cost of the repeater relocation along with a description of parts, labor, etc… If you would like a breakdown of the total cost, contact John. The expenditure was accepted and approved. The club is welcoming donations to help offset the cost. You can send a check to the club treasurer Tony (KD8BBK) and specify that the money is for the repeater fund, or you can donate through PayPal to John (KD8MQ). Contact John to get his PayPal address and send it as friend to friend so that there are no fees. John will then write a check for the amount to Tony.

11) Announcements: Breakfast: June 1st at 8:30 A.M. at Don Poncho’s – 2105 W. State St., Alliance

12) Next Meeting Date: June 12th at 7:30 P.M. – Silver Park Cabin

13) Round Table: Ron stated that we have 2 major projects coming up this year. The Carnation Festival Grand Parade will require 9 to 10 people placed throughout the route. There may be an additional program this fall. Ron’s working on it.

14) Adjournment: The meeting was adjourned.

15) 50/50 Drawing: The drawing was done.

16) Ken Dorsey (KA8OAD) Gave a Power Point Presentation on DMR (Digital Mobile Radio) which has been posted to the club website ( for your viewing. Below is a brief Q & A session that accompanied the presentation.

Q: Can you time out a DMR? A: Yes, you absolutely can. You can still time out your radio, and in some instances, you can essentially time out the repeater (talk groups can time out – usually 15 minutes so as to not tie up the frequency – in California, some time out in 3 minutes).

Q: Should you always call out with the name of the talk group you’re on when sending a query with your call sign? A: Yes. The information on the talk group you’re on only shows up momentarily on the receiving party’s radio, so calling it out when you query is very helpful.

Q: Is there an easier way to program your DMR? A: Go out and buy a code plug for your specific radio. Also, look on the Ohio ARRL website. There are lots of code plugs on there along with a 4 hour video of instruction.

Q: Is there a monthly fee for the hotspot? A: Yes and no. Yes there is a fee if you are using your cars hotspot or something similar (monthly subscription). No, if you are using your wifi through your computer connection or phone that has unlimited data.

Q: How much data does this use from your internet or cell-phone plan? A: If you run a hotspot 24/7 for a month, the average data usage would only be 4 Gigabytes per month. And that’s only if the talk groups had someone talking nonstop for the whole month.

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