More Information on Ham Radio In Alliance

The following was received from Ken, W8EK in response to our monthly minutes:

I would just like to add to the comments from Doug Wehner, who I 
remember as K8DEP.

I also was first licensed in 1962, but a bit later than Doug and the 
others he mentions.  I became WN8ETX in July 1962, which was soon 
changed to WA8ETX.

The CD (Civil Defense) station along with W8LKY was in the basement of 
Chapman Hall.  Antennas were on the top of the roof, and worked very 
well, especially considering the elevation of Chapman Hall.  In 
addition to the 2 meter “Gooney Birds” that Doug mentions, we also had 
two HF stations, both of which were very similar.  The receivers were 
National NC-183D’s, and the transmitters were Viking II’s.  As I 
recall one had the 122 VFO, and the other used crystals.

Sometime in the mid 1960’s, CD headquarters, and hence W8LKY, moved to 
the armory at the north end of town, along with all of the equipment. 
Although it had tall towers, it did get out as well, due to the much 
lower elevation.  At the armory, I also recall a large (full 6 or 8 
foot rack) converted Motorola 2 meter FM (the Goney Birds were AM, and 
FM was new then) on 146.94.  At that time, any one who was on 2 m FM 
(which was not many) was on 146.94.

Jim Ferguson was K8LTG at the time, but later became N8DZA. Dan 
Jeswald, K8BHH, was active on just about every band.  Others that were 
involved with W8LKY at the time include Tom Boyce, W8UEA, and Ray 
Steele, K8CMI, in addition to those mentioned by Doug, and of course 
myself. Somewhere along the line, Frank Sanor, WA8WHP, came on the 
scene, so he can tell you about things after that time.

I kept the WA8ETX callsign until 1975, when those who had held an 
extra class license for two years were allowed to change to a 1 x 2 
call sign.  I got W8EK, which had belonged to Bob Sell of Alliance, 
and was an elmer to my Dad.

I am in Ocala FL now.  Maybe I will get back to OH when one of your 
meetings is held.  I can tell you more about the “old days” then. 
BTW, we do not miss the snow!



Ken, W8EK

Ken Simpson
E-mail to or
Voice Phone  (352) 732-8400

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