November meeting minutes

Alliance Amateur Radio Club
November 14, 2018 Meeting Minutes
Meeting called to order by: President Ron Rittenhouse (KE8HCY)Devotion led by: Frank Sanor (WA8WHP)Pledge of Allegiance led by: Ben Davis (KE8KMQ)
1) Roll Call was taken: 18 members present – 3 guests present
MembersRon Rittenhouse (KE8HCY), Dave Moreno (KE8JLP), Andy Magda (AC8JR), Howard Miller (K8DXR), Peter Lucke (N8IGZ), Chris McDaniel (AC8VN), Frank Sanor (WA8WHP), Tom Steele (KD8JRK), Heath Urban (KE8KAV), Paul Richardson (K2ASA), Rex Simmons (NX8G), Bryan Webler (N8WD), Rick Graber (WD8AYC), Dwight Turner (KD8YFV), John Myers (KD8MQ), Charlie Theiss (KE8EQI), Benjamin Davis (KD8KMQ), Joe Sukosd (KD8RFX)
GuestsKaren Warner (WD8BIW), Robert Warner (WB8OVQ), Doug Mathew (KB8DNQ)
2) Introduction of guests was done.
3) Members Birthday Recognition:Benjamin Davis (KD8KMQ) 11/1, George Proudfoot (K3GP) 11/3, Sherry Whitaker (Associate), Lorin Kleinhans (KD8WVE) 11/8, Richard Smith (KC8SUI), Noah Kee (KD8SBS), Heath Urban (KE8KAV) 11/4
4) Treasurers Report: Treasurer Tony Schillig (KD8BBK) was not in attendance due to other obligations.
5) Reading of Last Meetings Minutes done by: Secretary Dave Moreno (KE8JLP) and adopted as read. The motion was put forth by Frank Sanor (WA8WHP) for acceptance and was agreed upon by members in attendance.
6) Officers Report from President Ron Rittenhouse (KE8HCY):
On October 31, 2018 we held a 2 hour officers meeting at Rodman Public Library where we approved a revised agenda sheet & agreed that everyone in attendance at meetings will have a copy in front of them. They will outline what is being discussed, in sequence, and will have a blank sheet attached for note taking. The sign in sheets were re-organized to have room for 58 members to sign in. We are currently working on having a complete and accurate list of members birthdays.
Training: We will begin training after the first of the year. Hopefully we will have more people interested as we increase our visibility in the community. One of our goals is to retain members while increasing our member numbers. Also, with our community service, we’ve expanded to include the Rotary Castle Run, the Carnation Grand Parade, and the Iron-horse Trail Run. We’re attempting to expand and be involved in more functions in the public eye to increase our visibility, and increase our name in the community which may also help with gaining new members.
Power Point Presentations: We will be giving power point presentations to different clubs and organizations. We already have a commitment from the Alliance Rotary Club to receive a presentation from us. There will be 20-30 slides, a 45 minute presentation, and a 15 minute Q & A that will hopefully attract interest in our club.
Pamphlet: We’re working on a new club pamphlet. We’re asking senior members of the club to review the old one and give us input on amendments and additions. Once updated and refined, we plan to print it in house, and use it when we’re out doing events in the community.
Business Cards: We’d like to have business cards to use in the community as a prospecting tool. They will have basic club information on the front of the card and 3 lines on the back to be filled in with contact information.
Records: When doing projects, we need to keep a record. Nothing too elaborate, just Who, What, When, Where, and How. It’s similar to what I did in the JCs, called the Chairman’s Planning Guide. It would be used for having a record of the event for future use. This is not required, but would be helpful. Forms will be made available. See the Secretary for a copy.
Ways & Means: The last administration wanted us to develop a system to generate funds so that we don’t bleed off all of the funds we currently have. We will be doing some projects at the beginning of the year. One of the projects will be to purchase a base unit (HF) and possibly a less expensive secondary unit for raffling off. Tony Schillig (KD8BBK) also brought up the idea of purchasing and raffling off a gift certificate for DX Engineering. We hope to generate several thousand dollars every year by ongoing Ways & Means Committee work. We are looking for members to sit on that committee.
Permanent Home: Somewhere down the line, I’d like to see us find a permanent home for the club. It’s wonderful that we have access to the hospital Cafe’ Conference Room, but it would be nice to have our own home, although it will take a lot of money. The idea has been discussed a lot over the years so, just something to keep in mind.
Officers Report from Vice President Charlie Theiss (KE8EQI): We have a proposal for a community service project. The project is manning a Salvation Army donation bucket on December 1st from 9:00 A.M. to 7:00 P.M. at the Save-A-Lot store located in the College Plaza on E. State St. here in Alliance. This would be an inside post. There would be a plaque stating who we are. John Myers (KD8MQ) stated that he thought it was a great idea. He also stated that it went along well with the fund raising we were doing at this particular meeting for the local Fire Department Toy Drive, as the Fire Department is partnering with the Salvation Army for the Toy Drive. President Ron Rittenhouse (KE8HCY) proposed that we put it to a vote, and the Secretary Dave Moreno (KE8JLP) seconded the motion. After input from other members in attendance, it was determined that the club could not participate at this time. It was decided that majority rules, but if we can come up with 7 more members who have
the time, we might do it after all. If you’re interested, e-mail Ron at
Officers Report from Secretary Dave Moreno (KE8JLP): It was brought to the attendees attention that he had drawn up Member Information Update Forms for any changes in member information such as e-mail, address, etc. and that the Secretary will have them on hand at club meetings. We are trying to correct any inaccurate information on the club roster.
Officers Report from Treasurer Tony Schillig (KD8BBK): Tony was not in attendance tonight due to other obligations.
Officers Report from Trustees: Nothing new.
7) Committee Reports:
a) 2 Meter Net (Tomas): Tomas St. George (KC8ZEH) was not in attendance. The general consensus is that the 2 meter repeater is working much better than before.
b) 10 Meter CW Net (Frank): Frank Sanor (WA8WHP) has recently moved and is not currently running the net. Vice President Charlie Theiss (KE8EQI) is currently doing the best that he can to run the net. Charlie stated that he’s been running the net for the past 6 weeks. The first 4 weeks he received no replies to his callouts. 2 weeks ago only 1 person (Tony – KD8BBK) responded. He then apologized to everyone as he indicated that last week was a bit of a disaster. He explained that a couple of new people came on and with Charlie’s inexperience with code, that he was rather slow and had problems with the others keying up at the same time. He then stated that at the moment, the CW Net is barely hanging on, and that we need a more experienced person running it. He stated that his code skills aren’t up to par, but that he’s working on improving them.
c) 10 Meter Sideband Net (John): John Myers (KD8MQ) stated that he doesn’t hear too well on his radio and as such, has been getting help from (AB8RZ). He stated that check-ins are holding steady where they’ve always been. He also stated that last week was magical, with very good propagation on the 10 meter sideband net.
d) Homeland Security Net (Lorin): Lorin Kleinhans (KD8WVE) was not in attendance at the meeting due to a scheduling conflict. Someone stated that there were 4 stations on the last net.
e) 2 Meter Repeater (John): John Myers (KD8MQ) stated that the 2 meter repeater is doing well. He stated that we have 2-3 proposals out for possible new sites. He also stated that he just picked up a radio that will allow him and Ben (KD8KMQ) to control the 2 meter machine and disable it if need be.
f) 440 Repeater (John): John Myers (KD8MQ) stated that the 440 repeater is doing well. He stated that at some time after the first of the year, he is planning to check the connections and do proactive maintenance on the machine.
g) Field Day’s 2019: The January site isn’t locked in yet. Ron (KE8HCY) will work on it. There is no information on Summer Field Day as of yet.
h) Ways & Means (Andy & Ron): Andy Magda (AC8JR) stated that he had searched the internet for base units (HF) for the possible raffle with prices ranging from $XXX to $XXX. He stated that he had given the list to Ron Rittenhouse (KE8HCY). He then discussed bringing it up with membership to see EX: $10 raffle ticket with a possible of XXX minimum tickets sold would net the club $XXX in funds after a possible smaller second unit as a 2nd prize. He stated that if we buy now through the end of December, we’ll get a better price.
i) Training Classes (Frank): Frank Sanor (WA8WHP) stated that he’s working on a syllabus. He stated that if he gets enough interest (4-5 people minimum) that will commit to the classes, he will hold the classes at Rodman Public Library here in Alliance. If you are interested in classes for licenses or upgrades, contact Frank at Your only initial price is for a flash drive or SD card to bring with you for storing your training books, etc… on. Frank provides the classes for free. The classes total 24 hours – 2 hours per week for 12 weeks + home study time. We’re looking for members to help Frank with giving the classes.
j) 501c3 Non Profit Status (John): John Myers (KD8MQ) stated that we fired our old lawyer. They were non-responsive to calls, e-mails, and all other forms of contact. As such, we weren’t making any headway toward our re-certification. John had gone to Dennis Klunk’s office and talked to his assistant and an other lawyer. As of last week, the plan was to file an amendment to our Articles Corps. stating why we have no previous financial history. Once done, the lawyer stated that they can handle the 501c3 with the Federal Govt. The only cost for the club is the filing fees. The lawyers are working on this for free for us.
8) Old Business: There was nothing of note discussed at the meeting.
9) New Business: The Ham of the Year vote is over. 20 members cast their vote, and the award will be issued.
10) Program: Already discussed in depth here.
11) Announcements: John Myers (KD8MQ) stated that Yaesu has Black Friday deals on a number of it’s rigs. You can Google Yaesu Black Friday Specials, download and print coupons that are good at any North American dealers. The coupons are instant, not mail in rebates.
12) Round Table:
Charlie Theiss (KE8EQI) stated that he will not be able to attend the Winter Field Day or the January meeting due to prior commitments he made before being elected V.P.
Dave Moreno (KE8JLP) introduced himself and welcomed any help, suggestions, and paperwork to be scanned for the archives.
Paul Richardson (K2ASA / Outgoing President) stated that he has a lot of files and photos to share for the archives.
Karen Warner (WD8BIW / New Member) expressed her approval of the agenda sheets for everyone.
Robert Warner (WB8OVQ / New Member) also approved of the agenda sheets for their ability to keep the conversation on track.
Andrew Magda (AC8JR) commented on his recent inability to get on the 10 meter net. His feed line cracked and was taking on water. He’s done a temporary fix for now, and will replace the feedline when the weather gets better.
Doug Mathew (KB8DNQ / Guest) commented on how our club seems to be growing, since the last time he was around.
My apologies, the next 2 people from the round table I couldn’t hear well enough to record or note much of what was said. There was something about folders needed, VE sessions, 3 regularly scheduled VE sessions, and setting up a VE session for anyone who finishes Frank’s classes. There was also something said about May 8th.
13) Next Meeting Date: December 8th at 6 P.M. is the X-mas party. Casual dress attire is fine. The next regular club meeting will be on December 12th at 7:30 P.M. at the hospital.
14) The meeting was adjourned on a motion by Ron Rittenhouse (KE8HCY) and seconded by Dave Moreno (KE8JLP).
15) 50/50 Drawing, Etc…: Too many donate prizes to list, and too many winners to list. We did raise around $625 for the Firefighter Toy Drive.
Sorry about the length of this minutes post, but there’s a lot of information I had to get out.
One final note: We would like to welcome our 2 new members: Robert Warner (WB8OVQ) and Karen Warner (WD8BIW)
Minutes respectfully submitted by Dave Moreno (KE8JLP0, Secretary

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