President’s Remarks June 18, 2020

Good Afternoon Everyone:

The month of June is now in full swing. We had a very successful 2020 Fundraiser with our very own Rick Graber WD8AYC winning the FT 450D radio, and we understand he is enjoying use the radio.

June 22-28 2020 has been declared by Alliance Mayor Alan Andreani as Amateur Radio Week in Alliance, Ohio. We have a full page Proclamation sign by Mayor Andreani and he personally   appreciates all the hard work and dedication of Alliance Amateur Radio Club and it’s members.

James KD8VT and his crew consisting of: Andrew KE8ELR, Karen N8HUC, Shawn KD8ZEZ, Paul K2ASA,  Ron KE8HCY, Heath KE8KAV, Dallas KB8SKS, Tomas KC8ZEH, Andy AC8JR, Chris AC8VN And Guests Doug & Jen Jinmison and Kristen Andrews completed a tower/antenna install at Shawn’s home on Saturday June 13th 2020. This is our fourth(4th) tower install in 2020. We had a great time and fellowship was enjoyed by all.

ARRL Field Day June 27-28 2020 is almost here. This year, we return to First Christian Church (DOC) located at 1141 West Beech Street in Alliance for the first part of the June 2020 ARRL Field Day. We will be using Two(2) class rooms in the east wing of the church where the “Small Parking Lot” is located. We will be entering through Door Six(6) a single entrance door off the small parking lot. It is the same room which we used for our March 2020 business meeting, a sign will be posted on the door so you will know that you are at the right place in the church building. Sunday June 28th, will be spent in your own “Shack” in your home.

The second part of Saturday’s Field Day will be Licensing Testing beginning at 9 am in a room near the room where we will be operating in.  Signs will be place by the entrances of both rooms, I will serve as your host throughout the day  You must have a FRN (Federal Registration Number) from the FCC, if you do not have one, go to FCC.Org and complete the questionnaire at FRN and downloaded the certificate and bring it with you to the licensing session. It is highly recommended that you take practice tests for all licensing exams well in advance of June 27th. CDC regulations guidelines are to be observed and practiced. Only operators and people taking exams will be in either room. No socializing will take place per CDC regulations.

Questions? Call me and any question concerning Licensing testing should be directed to Frank WA8WHP. Stay safe and please honor and respect CDC regulations.


Ron (KE8HCY)

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President’s Update for June 2020

Good Morning:
       We are approaching the month of June with momentum.
1. June 10th Picnic: We still have the Jaycee Pavilion reserved in Silver Park in Alliance. But, we may not be able to use it because park facilities may still be restricted. If for some reason we can not use those facilities, we have a back up site already reserved. The site is the pavilion at First Christian Church 1141 West Beech Street in Alliance. More details will be passes along as they become available.
2. ARRL Field Day June 27-28, 2020: We have reserved the GYM at First Christian Church 1141 West Beech Street for June 27 from 8am-to10pm. Their is plenty of room for social distancing. The pavilion outside the church was reserved by someone else. Other operating details for this event will be forthcoming in the near future.
3. Alliance’s Mayor Alan  Andreani, has issued a proclamation for 2020:Amateur Radio Week. It will be at both events.
4. VP Doug Matthews will serve as chairperson for reestablishing Echo Link. He will  assemble a committee of experienced members to serve on this committee. We expect to have Echo Link up and functioning soon.
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Club Trailer

Here are pictures of the club trailer that we are looking at. It is a 5′ X 8′ trailer.

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Good Morning AARC Members, America finds its self in an unfamiliar situation. Now is a time to remain calm and use good old fashion common sense. President Trump, Governor DeWine, Stark County and all the local governments are doing what is necessary to meet this unprecedented medical emergency. I notice as I opened my computer a simple procedure for all of us to practice during the duration of this medical emergency, so let me share it with you!








Their is a phrase that states, “This Too Shall Pass”. We are Americans, we have the safest food supply, the best medical system in the world. Now is the time for everyone to work together to meet, stop and overcome this world wide medical emergency.




Alliance Amateur Radio Club

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Good Morning: Well it has been a busy several days and especially Wednesday March 11th 2020. We were force to find another meeting site for our monthly meeting on March 11th, but we were able to move the meeting to First Christian Church in Alliance where we had our Christmas dinner this past year. AultmanAlliance Community Hospital implemented a temporary policy of not permitting meetings of outside groups in their conference rooms. Hopefully, after this world wide medical emergency passes, we will return to the hospital for our meetings. In the mean time, we are working on a solution for this situation and we will advised you when we secure a site.

The remaining few weeks of our Club’s Training Classes and Tech and General license testing will be held in the Louisville Sportsman Club. Frank Sanor WA8WHP, the training coordinator has the direction s to this site. Many thanks to Chris AC8VN for pitching in to help Frank on this project.

Due to the world wide medical emergency, most of the Ham fest’s events that we were counting on to help bolster our ticket sales for our Club’s big ways and means project have been canceled. We must now count on “On Line” sales and in-person sales at our and other clubs meetings. We have just under 300 tickets left of the 600 tickets purchased for a chance on the YAESU FT-450D.

At our March meeting, we are proceeding to secure a trailer to hold all AARC’s equipment, Chris AC8VN and James KD8VT will serve as co-chairs. We currently have equipment stored on a personal non member property and we need to get the issue of storage handled forthwith.

Last but not least dues are due for all AARC members by April 1st, please download the renewal application from W8LKY.ORG web site and fill it out and along with your check, send it to our mail address located on our web site.

Many thanks to Dave WD8AYE who gave an interesting presentation on DMR at our March 11th meeting and also joined the club, many thanks Dave.

See you on the air or in person soon,


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DX Calendar

How Many Can you work?
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Skywarn Training scheduled

(The following was “borrowed” from the Stark County ARES Page.

Skywarn Spotter Training Scheduled
Terry Russ, N8ATZ – Emergency Coordinator

  (Feb 6, 2020) – – The Stark County EMA and Stark County Amateur Radio Emergency Service will conduct our 2020 Skywarn Spotter training on Wednesday, March 25th at Jackson High School starting at 6:00 PM. Training will run approximately two hours.

Training is held in conjunction with this years Severe Weather Awareness Week, March 22 – 28th. This training is open to the public and no preregistration is necessary.

This years training will again discuss what severe weather is; identifying potentially serious weather patterns; and ways to report this information to the Cleveland NWS office. An electronic presentation with photos will augment training and assist identifying cloud formations. The training will be conducted by Mr Alex McCarthy, Director of the Tuscarawas County EMA.

Everyone is encouraged to take part in this important weather training. Feel free to contact the Stark County EMA Office at (330) 451 – 3900 for additional information or Terry Russ, N8ATZ at (330) 837-3091 or by email to

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AARC Anouncements

Our next meeting is coming up this Wednesday, the 12th.
Here’s some announcements

  • The minutes of the January meeting are posted on the website at
  • The location of the board meeting is Don Pancho’s this month. Sorry for not putting that in the newsletter. We meet at 5:30PM at the restaurant.
  • This month’s meeting is our Homebrew night. It could be more aptly called Show & Tell night. Bring something you’ve built, restored, designed, or like in my case, found in an antique shop, and tell your fellow members about it. This will happen after the business meeting.
  • Dues are due. Our fiscal year runs from Apr 1 – Mar 31. So, why not get a head start on getting your dues in? As always, we ask that you fill out a renewal form to hand in with your dues. This helps us keep club records straight. I’ll have plenty of forms printed out and available, or you can print one out on the website at

Also, remember, that any e-mail you receive that begins with the writer being out of town, and needing your help is likely suspect. It isn’t just Ron; these scammers seem to be targeting Amateur Radio clubs in the area. Yesterday, I received one from the president of another club. If you receive one of these, just delete it. Do Not reply. If you open the header of the e-mail, you will see that it comes from a completely different e-mail address than you remember for the sender.  They are trying to get you to buy gift cards and send them (or the numbers) to them. Please don’t fall for this.

I think that covers it. We’ll have the Winter Field Day numbers to share on Wednesday night as well.

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February DX Calendar

Get on the air & Make some contacts
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Winter Field Day

Hi everyone,

Don’t forget that the club is setting up Saturday, Jan 25, at the Tri-City Airport for Winter Field Day. Setup begins at 10 AM. Bring chairs.
I’m bringing a couple folding tables for the club rigs. Also, the logging computers are set up & ready to go.
We’ll be operating from 2 PM till whenever, but NOT overnight. The Tusco Hamfest is the following day, and we have a table reserved to sell raffle tickets.
I will need help with antennas, and setup on Saturday morning. If you can help, feel free to come out at 10 AM. Operating begins at 2 PM.
No dinner is planned, due to possibly cramped quarters. There are restaurants in the area, though.
Any questions, please let me know.

John Myers, KD8MQ

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