President’s Remarks June 18, 2020

Good Afternoon Everyone:

The month of June is now in full swing. We had a very successful 2020 Fundraiser with our very own Rick Graber WD8AYC winning the FT 450D radio, and we understand he is enjoying use the radio.

June 22-28 2020 has been declared by Alliance Mayor Alan Andreani as Amateur Radio Week in Alliance, Ohio. We have a full page Proclamation sign by Mayor Andreani and he personally   appreciates all the hard work and dedication of Alliance Amateur Radio Club and it’s members.

James KD8VT and his crew consisting of: Andrew KE8ELR, Karen N8HUC, Shawn KD8ZEZ, Paul K2ASA,  Ron KE8HCY, Heath KE8KAV, Dallas KB8SKS, Tomas KC8ZEH, Andy AC8JR, Chris AC8VN And Guests Doug & Jen Jinmison and Kristen Andrews completed a tower/antenna install at Shawn’s home on Saturday June 13th 2020. This is our fourth(4th) tower install in 2020. We had a great time and fellowship was enjoyed by all.

ARRL Field Day June 27-28 2020 is almost here. This year, we return to First Christian Church (DOC) located at 1141 West Beech Street in Alliance for the first part of the June 2020 ARRL Field Day. We will be using Two(2) class rooms in the east wing of the church where the “Small Parking Lot” is located. We will be entering through Door Six(6) a single entrance door off the small parking lot. It is the same room which we used for our March 2020 business meeting, a sign will be posted on the door so you will know that you are at the right place in the church building. Sunday June 28th, will be spent in your own “Shack” in your home.

The second part of Saturday’s Field Day will be Licensing Testing beginning at 9 am in a room near the room where we will be operating in.  Signs will be place by the entrances of both rooms, I will serve as your host throughout the day  You must have a FRN (Federal Registration Number) from the FCC, if you do not have one, go to FCC.Org and complete the questionnaire at FRN and downloaded the certificate and bring it with you to the licensing session. It is highly recommended that you take practice tests for all licensing exams well in advance of June 27th. CDC regulations guidelines are to be observed and practiced. Only operators and people taking exams will be in either room. No socializing will take place per CDC regulations.

Questions? Call me and any question concerning Licensing testing should be directed to Frank WA8WHP. Stay safe and please honor and respect CDC regulations.


Ron (KE8HCY)

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