The Week Ahead (Mar 31)

I thought I’d share some upcoming items with you.

AARC DX Challenge – First of all, The AARC DX Challenge ends at 0000Z. If you want to participate, send me your log in ADI format. You just need to send me the log covering the dates from Oct 1 – Mar 31. You do not need to separate the DX & domestic contacts; the software will do that for us. More information can be found at

Homeland Security Net – Next, Tuesday night is the Homeland Security net. The HSN meets each Tuesday at 7PM on 147.51 FM Simplex. All are welcome to join in and learn about FM simplex operation.

Net Night – Thursday is Net Night. More information can be found at The schedule is as follows”

– 8:00PM Ten Meter SSB Net (28.420 MHz)

– 8:30PM Ten Meter CW Net (28.100 MHz)

– 9:00PM Two Meter FM Net (145.37 MHz)

Club Breakfast – Saturday, this month’s club breakfast is scheduled for 8:30 at Blue Fig restaurant (2340 W State St). Come on out. No meeting, no agenda, just good food & good fellowship. All are welcome.

April Meeting – Our monthly meeting comes up on the 10th. Tony, KD8BBK and I have something different Cooked up. You’ll hear more as the time approaches.

And that’s it.

73 All,

DE John, KD8MQ

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