[w8lky] A Time to be Thankful

             Thursday November 28  Thanksgiving is a true American Holiday. We are thankful that we live in the greatest nation on earth. We are Thankful that we may practice our religious beliefs in our own way. We are thankful that we can gather around the dinning room table and enjoy a feast of delicious foods and fellowship. As Amateur Radio Operators we give thanks for our knowledge, our equipment and our time to share in this great avocation call Amateur Radio. Personally, I am thankful for each one of you who are my fellow ham operators whether or not you are a member( like me) of AARC or just a Ham on the Air whom I communicate with. The year of 2019 saw many accomplishments in the growth of AARC. We created business cards, updated our club's tr-fold information pamphlet and a state of the art power point presentation, reestablished our 501c-3 status The most significant improvement in the area of club operations was the successful Two(2) Meter repeater relocation. The Winter and Summer Field Days again demonstrated our ability to set up and operate remote Emergency Amateur Radio Operations. Almost Thirty Six (36) certificates of participation will be given out at our Annual Christmas Dinner and Awards Banquet December 4th. Tina Turner probably has one of the greatest one liners, She says, "People ask me when I am going to stop performing, and she says I am just getting started"  I am Thankful this past year to have been just one of you, an Amateur Radio Operator and a member of the Alliance Amateur Radio Club!!!
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