[w8lky] AARC DX Contest

October sure snuck up on me. I forgot to mention that we are once again holding the AARC DX Contest. 
Last Year, we had only one (1) entry, but I’m sure we’ll do better this year   
The contest is open to all current AARC members, and runs from October 1st through March 31st (all dates are UTC). 
Entering could not be simpler. Just work DX as you normally do; any band or mode. 
In April, export your contacts to a ADI file, and send it to me for scoring purposes. We only need contacts from October 1st – March 31st. 
NOTE: we have to have at least two entries for there to be a winner announced. 
An ADI file is easy to create; most logging programs will handle it, and if you have questions, I’ll be happy to assist you. 
Thanks & 73,
John, KD8MQ 
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