[w8lky] ARES: Sign Up and Participation


     One of the major reasons why we become Amateur Radio Operators is to Serve our Nation, State and local governments in the event of a major Disaster. If you are not of member of ARES, I would like to refer you to several sources of information. The first would be AARL or better yet, do a search for: ARES.ORG and you will come to a AARL section on ARES. The second is our own web site: w8lky.org, go to Presentations and click on the Club’s power point presentation an scroll down to the last few slides. Their is a slide with a comprehensive explanation of ARES. Their are also several slides on the 2019 Memorial Day Tornado Out Break  in South Western Ohio, which are very detailed. We all enjoy operating our own rigs and the many opportunities that we have as Ham Operators. But their is no great feeling in life, besides family, that serving Mankind when help in needed. You and I as Amateur Operators, will not hesitate to lending a hand. If you are not already sign up as a ARES Member, now it the time, it is free and you will join many of us on the road to becoming prepared to answer the call when the requests are made to HELP OUR FELLOW MAN.  Please fill out the registration and mail it in at the address below or go to OHIO SECTION.com and their is a email address in the ARES Section. Please use the form in the attachment at the end of this article to register for ARES. Some day, you just might save lives knowing that you participate in ARES.
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