[W8LKY] Club T-Shirts

As presented at the club meeting the other night by Ron, KE8HCY, we are able to purchase club T-Shirts. The following comes from Ron. (DE kd8mq)

We are now ready to proceed with placing an order for our NEW CLUB TEE SHIRTS. At July 11, 2018 club meeting, the club approved the club T-Shirts.

Two(2) types are available:

The first is the standard “Cotton” tee shirt with our new club logo which will be located on the left breast pocket area, the cost is $9.00.

The second type of Type of Tee Shirt is called ” DRI FITS” Tee Shirt, the cost will be $13. per shirt. This shirt will be similar to the tee shirts we wore during the Castle Run project last summer. The shirt is red with Black Lettering and colors with in the ARRL Logo.

Please email Ron Rittenhouse KE8HCY with your name, Quantity, size of tee shirt, type. A cut off date has been established of July 31,2018.

Send your payment to our club treasurer Tony Schillig KD8BBK (Alliance ARC, P.O. Box 3344, Alliance, OH 44601) for the total amount of your purchase.

The use of the ARRL logo has been approved by ARRL on July 12, 2018. You can view the new club logo at w8lky.org/wp-content/uploads/2018/07/AARC-Logo.jpg
*Ron, KE8HCY*

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