[W8LKY] corrected minutes

Here are the minutes, corrected. Thank you for your patience.Mary AARC July 11, 2018
Frank Sanor WA8WHP
Miriam Sanor
Tony Schillig KD8BBK
Paul Richardson K2ASA
John Myers KD8MQ
Jerry Wheeler KG8RN
Bryan Webler N8WD
Rex Simmon NX8G
Tomas St. George KC8ZEH
Ron Rittenhouse KE8HCY
Tom Steele KD8JRK
Rick Graber WD8AYC
Andrew Magda AC8JR
Fran Lones
Dave Kleinhans KE8IYN
Dave Mcreno KE8JLP
Opened with Prayer and Pledge at 7:26 p.m.
Introductions made
Minutes accepted as read
Treasurers report accepted as read
Birthday’s were announced
Repeater – 2 meter new repeater is in for repairs, old oneis in use for now
                     440 is plugging away
Nets: cw – same old stuff
           Ssb – sameold stuff
           2 m –averaged 9 check ins
          Homelandsecurity – 3 check ins
None scheduled at this time
Old Business:
Ohio reserve group kind of stood us up, didn’t show up tocook for field day
501 C 3 Paperwork will be submitted to lawyer
Field day top operator was Rex, NX8G, he got a plaque,  2nd was John KD8MQ and 3rdwhat KD8RUQ Mike
It was our 2nd lowest qso count on record
It was moved to reimburse KD8MQ for repeater repairs sum of$85.00
Carnation Day side band July 27 to August 12
Individual stations at each members house using the clubcall will be the order of operation for this event. If you want to participate,call KD8MQ to let him know and then submit your log to him in ADI format
For the parade, we will provide communications as needed,check with KE8HYC if you want to help
DXE field trip on the 15th of Sep. will tour thet.v. K3LR station. If you want to go let KD8MQ know.
KE8HYC is taking orders for t-shirts. $9.00 for cotton and$13.00 for other material. Make checks payable to AARC and mail to TonySchillig, KD8BBK. Sign up sheet was passed around.
New Business:
N8IIT’s  estate wasbrought up for the club purchase outright, but club decided not to.
Mary Anne is doing well at her sister’s house
We were asked if we are going to have the Ohio qso party, itwas decided to do it as individuals
Aug. 4th is our next breakfast
Various testing dates were announced
Meeting moved to close by NX8g and 2nded by WA8WHP andadjourned at 8:53 p.m.

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