[W8LKY] Field Day – Final update

HI everyone,
We are getting down to the wire, so this will be my last update before Field Day.
First, THANK YOU to everyone who is working hard behind the scenes to ensure that we all have a great time this weekend. Saturday at 5 PM, we will be having a covered dish dinner. Heath, KE8KAV, and members of the Ohio Military reserve will be cooking. Chicken, hot dogs, and hamburgers are on the menu.
We’ll be bringing buns, plates, napkins, and forks/knives/spoons, etc. Lunch for the setup crew on Saturday is also covered. But, even with all the food, and equipment that is donated, Field Day is an expensive proposition for the club. For that reason, we are soliciting your donations. We will have a donation can on the food table. Please consider helping out if you are able.
Donations can also be given to (or mailed) to our treasurer, KD8BBK. Just make a note on your check that the money is for Field Day. You can also donate via Paypal. My Paypal address is tvguy07@gmail.com. I’ll be sure that any donations I receive make it to our treasurer.
Any money left over will be held over for Next year’s Field Day. Friday, we’ll be doing antenna setup at 6 PM. Saturday, at 8 AM join us for breakfast at the McDonalds on west State St. There will be plenty to do at the site on Saturday morning, so we’ll be there around 9 AM.
*Weather* – Yes, we have rain in the forecast. Plans are being made for enclosing the stations if need be. Please watch the weather, and dress accordingly. Lastly, none of us are getting younger. Know your limits, and take it easy. Don’t be afraid to ask for, or to offer help.
There’s more information in my previous e-mail. You can read it at w8lky.org/?p=2820#more-2820
*John Myers, KD8MQ*

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