[W8LKY] Field Day update #1

HI everyone,
Next weekend is Field Day; the busiest Ham weekend of the year. Here’s an update on what we have planned.
We’ve been planning ahead, and at this time, I’m planning for no Oops’ this weekend.
We will be at Marlington Middle School, 10325 Moulin Ave. We have the Herbert Pavilion, and adjacent area.
The rest of the invites go out today, and I have a City councilman on speed dial. Our press release was in Yesterday’s issue of the Alliance Review. I have been informed that due to staff cuts, getting a reporter out to the site will not be possible. Maybe a photographer will show up.
Just in case, please everyone take lots of pictures, and get them to me ASAP after the weekend. I’ll post them all on the club website, and pick a few to forward to the paper. So again, get lots of pictures of people having fun with Ham Radio!
Our operating class will be determined on Saturday, but will probably be 3A or 4A.
Bonus points – Most all of the bonus point categories have been adopted. Thanks to the following for taking on this responsibility:

  • Formal traffic to Section Manager
  • Message Handling
  • PR Table


  • Educational Activity
  • W1AW Message


  • Social Media


  • Satellite QSO


  • Natural Power QSO
  • Safety Officer


  • GOTA Station

Thanks again to all of the above Hams for helping out.


Setup (6 PM) – We’ll be setting up towers and antennas at the site. This is also the time when we run over the plans for Saturday in order to catch any issues ahead of time.


Breakfast – As has become a tradition, we will be meeting at the McDonalds on West State St at 8:00 AM on Saturday for breakfast.
Setup – We’ll be at the site at 9am for final setup. Be aware of the weather, and act accordingly. Know your limits and don’t be afraid to ask for help with anything.
Field Day – the event begins at 2PM (local), and runs 24 hours.
Lunch – Pizza from Pizza Oven in canton will be provided for the setup crew around noon-ish. Thanks to Heath, KE8KAV, and Mike, KE8CKL for setting this up.
Dinner – I believe we’ve been going with 5PM for dinner. Heath, and the members of the Ohio Military Reserve will be grilling. On the menu so far is hot dog/hamburgers/ Chicken.
Dinner is a carry-in event for the whole family. So bring something to share, and let’s have a good time.
Donations – The club is not paying for the food. This is all donated. This year, your donations are being solicited. There will be a donation can on the food table. Please consider helping out.
Donations can also be given to (or mailed) to our treasurer, KD8BBK. Just mae a note on your check that the money is for Field Day. You can also donate via Paypal. My Paypal address is tvguy07@gmail.com.
Any money donated in excess of what is needed for Field Day will be held over for Next years Field Day.
Lastly, Teardown is very important. Lots of help is needed. So if you can help, plan to be at the site by 12:30pm Sunday.
And that’s it for now. I will likely be sending out updates as information becomes available.
Thanks everyone!
*John Myers, KD8MQ*

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