[w8lky] Ham radio equipment for sale in Sebring

Hi everyone,

I received this from Hal, KE8II. He has some Ham Radiio equipment coming up in this weekends garage sale in Sebring. Sorry for the latre posting of this. 
Garage sale Aug 1, 2 & 3     9am to 5pm or phone or stop by after sale

HAL KELLEY      KE8II         330-938-9135        
505 W Ohio Ave, Sebring    (Brown House Corner 19th St. & Ohio Ave)

-2 Meter 4-Element Quad Antenna     $25
-Jaybeam MBM 88 Element 70cm Antenna (420-450 MHz)     $50
-Hustler 5-BTV HF trap vert. Antenna 10/15/20/40/75(new $180)    $50
-Hustler HF Mobile Antenna (no base) w/resonators — RM-10s, RM-15S, RM-20S, RM-40  (approx. new price $120)     $50
-Kenwood TS-440S-AT HF Transceiver 10-160 meters                              (not sure if antenna tuner works)
With Kenwood PS30 regulated Power Supply     $250
-CDE CD-45 II/44 Rotor Controller      $50
-CDE CD-45 II Hardware Set – unused – new $25       $10

-CDE TR-4 Rotor     $25
-Several – Alliance U-100 Rotor Controller's plus a few older models 2 for $15
-1-Alliance Rotor Controller solid state
 -A large quantity of antenna cable

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