[W8LKY] meeting

Good evening fellow hams,
A word about the upcoming meeting.  October 9 is the date and 1930 is the time, Alliance hospital is the place.. Prior to the meeting we will have dinner at Frank’s family restraunt in Alliance.
This meeting is the annual meeting. That means we will be electing officers for next year. This year we will be electing President, Vice president, Secretary, treasurer and a trustee. The current trustees will be in charge of the elections.
We will also be accepting nominations for HAM OF THE YEAR…..those nominations are to be written down and given to me so I can tally votes for the next HAM OF THE YEAR.  The plaque will be given at the club Christmas party as has been the practice in the past.
This year, Mary will not be able to serve as secretary due to commitments that she is unable to devote the time she would like to the job.
You will also be electing a NEW president , as I will not accept a third year at the helm
It is easy to sit back and let “the old guys do it.”  Time to bite the bullet and let the trustees know that you are interested in becoming an officer. Things cant be what it can be if NEW BLOOD fails to become a part of the solution.
Let  us NOT stay home in fear of being elected to and office. Get yourself in motion and talk to the trustees.  You are not alone in an office. There are many of us who have served in those capacities that are more than willing to provide input. 
Do not stay home come to your meetings and let your voice be heard. .
Paul K2ASA
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