[W8LKY] minutes

Here are June’s minutes. Sorry they are so late. I won’t be at this month’s meeting as well, Trumbull County Fair will be keeping me busy.
June 13 AARC meeting
Sue Richardson Paul Richardson K2ASA Peter Luck N8IGZ Tom Steele KD8JRK Rex Simmons NX8G Heath Urban KE8KAV Howard Miller K8DXR Mrs. Miller John Myers KD8MQ Ben Davidson KDKMQ Bob WB8OVQ Jim N8PXW Jerry Wheeler KG8RN Frank Sanor WA8WHP Ted Armstrong K8TWA Andrew Magda AC8JR Charlie Theiss KE8EQI Linda Theiss Miriam Sanor Ron Rittenhose KE8HCY Dave Moreno KE8JLP Lorin Kleinhans KD8WVE Dwight Turner DK8YFV Dave KLeinhans KE8IYN Rick Graber WD8AYC Tomas St. George KC8ZEH
Meeting begins at 7p.m. at Silver Park for Picnic Opened with pledge Introductions followed along with this month’s birthdays Reports for repeater, 10 m. cw , 10m ssb, 2m fm and Homeland Security had nothing new to report, things about the same as last months reports. Classes are suspended for now Old Business: 501c3 has nothing new to add besides dropping off papers Ways and Means still working on possibilities with t shirts Field day-motion to allocate food monies for pizza at lunch $48.00 moved by DK8KMQ and 2nd by KD8JRK Still need GOTA coaches
New Business: 18 Aug. activate Camp Rodman for Carnation Days Plus home stations activations Hall of Fame is looking for help 15 Sep DX Engineering and K3LR visit coming up, more info to come
July 7 is our next breakfast and July 11 is our next meeting Our August meeting is our wacky key night, so start creating!
Meeting adjourned at 7:35 p.m.
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