Yes indeed, it's going to be a great weekend (September 21-22, 2019) for AARC.
      First we begin with the very successful completion of Licensing Classes by Frank (WA8WHP).  Testing for Tech and other Licensing will commence at 5 PM this Saturday September 21st in the conference room near the CAFE' Cafeteria in Aultman Alliance Community Hospital, Testing is open to anyone, the fee is $15. cash only, no credit cards or checks. I will be there on behalf of AARC to welcome them to the 750,000 plus amateur radio operators in the United States of America. I will ask them to complete an application for membership in AARC, the first year is commentary for those completing the course work they attended sponsored AARC Licensing Classes.
    Second, we are finally going to complete the long awaited installation(weather permitting) of the new Two (2) Meter antenna Two Hundred Fifty (250) feet above the ground or about 1,550 feet above Sea Level. This is a "closed work session" for only those who have been invited. A visitation time to the site, will be scheduled at a later time for the members of the Club. According to John (KD8MQ), the Two (2) Meter Repeater will be off the Air this Sunday(September 22nd) and should be back on the air sometime later in the day.
   This is going to be a great weekend in the history of AARC, Thanks to all who have made this possible, and the past administration of AARC's past president Paul (K2ASA).
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