[W8LKY] Ohio NVIS Day

Ohio NVIS Day 2018 Bulletin

Ohio NVIS Day will be Saturday April 28!

Email your station logs to nvis@k8es.org
We want to know your antenna type and height (list all the antennas you try!)

Operation is from 10 – 4 EDT. Take a lunch break, enjoy each other’s company. Transmit power should stay at 100 watts for accurate signal comparison. You may operate anywhere, home, club, portable.

We have some antenna faults at The Sarge, so we’re reducing our operating schedules at least until we repair/replace the antennas and can bring manpower down from the roof to operate. Give the band conditions recently, we anticipate anchoring our W8SGT station at 3902 for the majority of the day. We hope that by afternoon, we will be able to test our own new antennas and potentially operate 40 or 160. We will announce out operation on the air, and on various web locations, primarily arrl-ohio.org.

It’s not just the Sarge, of course! Feel free to construct something for 160, as well as 80 or 40. Work each other and give accurate reports! Work as many NVIS stations as you can! We’ll provide a report on the station with the most contacts, and the best performing antennas.

We hope to flood the bands with “NVIS Day” signals!

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