[w8lky] PRESIDENT NOTES 1/11/2019

       Good afternoon everyone, Our January 9th meeting was full of interesting bits of information and activity. We are finally seeing the light at the end of the tunnel on our legal matters thanks to John Myers KD8MQ. We will be voting on two(2) items of importance during new business segment of our February 13, 2019 meeting. The first will be; “Conflict of Interest”, the second will be “By-Law Amendment” These are part of the legal work that has been taking place.

The revised AARC Tri-Fold club information pamphlets are here and were distributed to club members in attendance, they will be available at all future club activities along with our new business cards. We purchased dual purpose plastic pamphlet and business card holders and they will soon arrive and be distributed to various locations in the city and surrounding areas of Alliance. Club Secretary Dave Moreno KE8JLI spent countless hours on both the new club business cards and the revised pamphlet and we owe him a big thank you for all the hours he spent on these two items, thanks Dave.

Winter Field Day is January 26-27,and it will be held at Sebring Camp where we were at last year and Tony Schillig KD8BBK is the chairperson for the event. Contact Tony KD8BBK if you can help in any way. There will be a chili cook off, and if you can bring a side dish to share that would be greatly appreciated.

The trustees will be conducting an election at the end of our February 13th meeting, and we still need someone to step up and be a candidate for Vice President for the 2019 year.

John Myers KD8MQ has volunteered to be our Program Chairperson  and he would appreciate any suggestions for topics and thanks so far to Rick WD8AYC for your suggestions.

We could sure use some additional  check in’s  on the Thursday night nets, and especially the 2 Meter net 145.370  at 9PM.

AARC Homeland Security net is now operating on “all” Tuesday nights at 7PM  147.51 FM

Special welcome to our newest and former member Douglas Matthews KB8DNQ who join the club January 9th. 

Please take the time to check the club’s newsletter and web site for timely notices of importance. . See you “On The Air” KE8HCY or At Our Events–KEEP TALKING!!!!!
Ron Rittenhouse, KE8HCY

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