[w8lky] President’s Notes

  Many thanks to all who attend the 2018 AARC Christmas Dinner December 8, 2018. I want to personally apologize for any inconvenience that you may have incurred at this event. The Executive Committee will address the issues and come up with a better event next year. It was so nice to see family members present; wives, significant others and even a member’s son. We still have to present the Ham of the Year award and hopefully Paul K2ASA will be able to do that at our December 12th meeting at Aultman-Alliance Community Hospital. We still have certificates of appreciation for 2018 to be given out too.. We have our new AARC business cards, they will be distributed to all members on December 12. We would like you to use a black magic marker and put your name and phone number on the back of each card you receive. Give these cards out to prospect members and post a card or two around the area on bulletin boards. We will also be previewing out new AARC tri-fold  information pamphlet on December 12th. Many thanks to Dave KE8JLP and Charlie KE8EQI for the many hours they spent on working out the details on both the new AARC Business Cards and AARC information Pamphlet.  See you on the AIR and December 12th AARC meeting.
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