[w8lky] President’s Notes

Good afternoon Everyone: We just want to thank the Two Meter Repeater Committee for moving the Two Meter Repeater to our new location and installing a temporary tower and antenna. I know the Two Meter Repeater committee still has a lot of work to do to complete the installation of the antenna at the 250' level on the tower. It is important that all members make an effort to attend the May 8Th meeting of AARC to pass the funding for the final push to complete the project. We had a few check in's from different Ham's this past Thursday night 04/25/2019 and that should become the pattern in the future. We also added the picture of the tower (at our new location of the Two Meter Repeater) to the end of of the club's power point presentation. Remember May's monthly breakfast  will be on May 4th at Poncho's at 8:30AM, The regular monthly meeting will be held on May 8th at 7:30PM in the conference room rear the cafe's cafeteria at AultmanAlliance Community Hospital. The pre- meeting dinner will be at Franks Restaurant starting at 5"30PM!! Let's get on the Air!!!!!!!
Ron Rittenhouse, KE8HCY
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