[w8lky] President’s Notes

      Wow what a beautiful day it was to have a parade. The 2019 Greater Carnation Festival concluded a few minutes ago with a barrage of Fireworks. Over all, the Carnation Festival Grand Parade project was a success. We had a few glitches, but once we switch to plan B and went to the Home Land Security net, we were in  business. We did a parade flow report and the details are simple, the parade kicked off at 11:03AM Fernwood and State and concluded a 1:25PM as the last unit was exiting off the parade route at Broadway and S. Union for dispersal. I don't know if you knew, but we did have contact with Officer Aaron Perkins(K3AHP) day shift supervisor of APD throughout the day. Frank WA8WHP our net control operator gave a AARC pamphlet to the WDPN 1310AM broadcast team doing the parade live and we got some great PR for the Club. We have include some time on the August 14th meeting to discuss this year's parade project, bring your notes if you participated.
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