Good afternoon everyone. Let me be one of the first to congratulate our new vice president of AARC Douglas Matthews! Doug brings a wealth of knowledge to our club and to this year’s group of officers of AARC We got a lot accomplished last night at our April 10th meeting at AultmanAlliance Community Hospital. We finally have by all indications a new site for the two(2 meter repeater. John KD8MQ has been working on this for some time and many thanks to John KD8MQ for all his hard work on this project. The details on the new Two (2) site will be in the April minutes of the meeting which will be posted later in the month. Due to space constraints, I will not go into the other areas that were addressed last night, but you can catch up on those areas of activity when the minutes are posted on the website. Remember our nets on Thursday night and Tuesday night 
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