[w8lky] September’s Meeting Reflections

         Our September meeting was by far one of the most interesting meetings this Summer. First we want to welcome James Andrews (KD8VT) and his wife Karen (N8HUC) as new members to AARC. Both are members of PCARS (Portage County Amateur Radio Service). James (KD8VT) has been and remains a very important part of the relocation of our Two Meter (2) repeater. Karen (N8HUC), stepped up to fill in for James KD8VT) who had a previous commitment on the day of Carnation Grand Parade, and she did an excellent job on the Thirteen (13) member Parade Team.  We also had Two (2) of our Licensing Class pupils Jeremy Toole and Kenneth Moats present for our meeting and they along with Jeremy Toole Jr and Gwen Snyder (who were not in attendance) will soon be taking their licensing test for Technician License.
     We also enjoyed the presentation of Tom Sly (WB8LCD) our regional coordinator  and past president of PCARS for his very interesting history lesson that form's the foundation of Amateur Radio. We will probably incorporate a couple of his slides into our PPP of AARC. I have also ask Dwight (KD8YFV) to share a few of his slides from his new antenna installation this past summer which he shared with us at the club's meeting in July 2019. We had another Antenna install party at Frank's house in Beloit  on Sunday September 15th.Their will be a  separate  article on that successful project and it will soon appear in the Web Site's News section.
        Don't forget to nominate a club member for Ham of the Year on line. Dwight (KD8YFV) and Peter (N8IGZ) (have just in the past week), sent out a email to each of you for your nomination for 2019 Ham of the Year
The deadline for your Return is September 25th, we have so many members in AARC who deserve this prestigious honor.
See you on the Air or in Person,
Ron (KE8HCY)
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