Tonight November 13th meeting is one of the most important meeting night’s on the AARC Calendar. We not only will fill the vacancy of club secretary, but WE ARE DOING SOMETHING FOR THE KIDS.  John KD8MQ and Tony KD8BBK and other members of AARC have been working tirelessly behind the scenes to make this a great event. This is the night where we raise funds for the Alliance Fire Department annual Christmas Toys for Tots Event. The Items  going up for “Donation” are just super, so bring your cash and buy the tickets for a BUCK and then place them in the container next to your choice of Ham related item.  Last year, we raised over $600. because all of you know how important it is to help the AFD go out and buy toys for our Alliance Area kids who’s Christmas may not what it should be. See you at tonight’s meeting Nov. 13th and bring a lot of cash, “OUR KIDS” deserve a wonderful Christmas Holiday. God Bless You and Yours during the Holiday Season Events coming up!!
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