[W8LKY] Two meter repeater testing

Hi everyone,
For the next few days we will be running the old two meter repeater as a test. It is currently running but without an ID. Apparently being unplugged for the last few months Was more than the memory back up battery Could take.
of course being able to run down to the corner drugstore for replacement would be just too easy. So I will have a replacement in a few days and then we should be able to program the ID back into it.
Currently were running on low power. Once the ID is programmed back into it, I will bump the power back up to 75 W were it was at OMO’s house
Please don’t quote the FCC rules and regulations to me. We’re doing this only as a short term test.
You shouldn’t need to make any changes to Your rigs programming. But while we’re running the old repeater we will not be using the PL on the input.
Thanks for your patience while we work put the bugs in the system.
John Myers, KD8MQ
kd8mq1@gmail.com 330-936-5021

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