[w8lky] Two Meter Repeater Update

Hi everyone,
Over the weekend, we completed Phase one of the move to the new Two Meter Repeater site. Due to the cost involved, this MUST be done in phases.
We have the following to thank for their hard work yesterday:
Ben, KD8KMQ, Tony, KD8BBK, Carl, K7CE, Bob, WB8OVQ.
Pictures have been posted to the club Facebook page.

Phase 1 was to move the repeater to the new site west of town.
Those of us in the Mt. Union area who up to now have enjoyed HT coverage to the repeater may be disappointed. I’m one of them.
But, know this; for what little we’ve lost (TEMPORARILY) we’ve gained so much more. We’ve received great reports from the West, SW, and NW. We are solid into the County seat, and beyond.
Coverage in the North end of Alliance is fair, and the Mount Union area is not good.
Phase 2 will be to get the repeater antenna & feedline mounted at altitude, and tested.
Putting the equipment on the tower in a manner that ensures SAFETY to the workers, & long-term functionality of the equipment is top priority. This will take time to procure equipment & funding.

For those of us in the restricted Mt. Union area, there are 3 choices:
1) Be patient. The goal is still to be at altitude by Field Day Weekend. This extra 200’ ASL should push the signals over the Hillcrest ridge, and greatly improve things.
2) Think seriously about installing an outside antenna. An HT to a rubber duck is not the best choice when the repeater is a few miles away over a ridge. I have one or two J-Poles here that I can loan out for a couple months.
3) Go mobile. The problem all but disappears once you get to the top of the hill (by Dairy Queen), and continues to improve as you go west.
The repeater committee will be getting together the week of the 29th, and final numbers should be available for a vote at the May Alliance ARC Meeting on May 8th. Please attend this meeting where we’ll try to answer all your questions.
John Myers, KD8MQ

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