[w8lky] W8LKY FD Results

HI everyone,
Well, we didn’t set the world on fire from a operating perspective, but I had fun, and I think a lot of folks did as well.
If I do this next year, I’ll need to rely more on everyone for loading/unloading. I am not one who asks for help easily, but I have 360-some days to work on that, right?
SO on to the results. We made 139 contacts; all phone.
The top operator this year is Shawn, KD8ZEZ, with Doug, KB8DNQ following close behind.
Rick, KC8SUI, with help from Shawn’s son Ian keep t the fire going for the entire weekend.
Kudos to Ian, and Shawn who stayed up all night defending the site from hoards of Killer Raccoons.
Thanks to Heath, KE8KAV, for orchestrating the food. Special mention to Paul, K2ASA for preparing the pulled pork.
We got 1150 bonus points this year; only missing a few. In talking last night to Brian, AC8RV who called with some traffic for me, we now know how to kill it in the traffic handling categories next year.
The results have been checked, and submitted to the ARRL.
Many thanks to all who came out to the site.
John Myers, KD8MQ kd8mq1@gmail.com

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