[W8LKY] W8LKY/R two Meter repeater is on-line

The new two meter repeater is on the air. Feel free to use it as we have in the past.
I will let you know once Echolink is back online.
This is a Yaesu DR-1XFR Analog/Digital machine running in mixed mode. So if you have a Yaesu System Fusion radio, you will be able to access the digital side of the repeater.
The analog side works as before with one change. You now need to set both your receive & transmit tones to 110.9 to access the machine. The noise issues we’ve been enduring should be a thing of the past.
Thanks to the repeater committee, for your help. Special thanks go to Carl, K7CE, Eric, N8HHV, and Bob, WB8OVQ for all their help.

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