[w8lky] W8LKY’s Article for Ohio Section Journal

     I just wanted to share with all of you the article on The 2019 Carnation Grand Parade,  that was just submitted to the Ohio Section Journal and which comes out each week. We also created an article for “The Review” and I just was in contact with the editor of The Review a short while ago and the article will run soon. The Title of the article in “The Review” should be Carnation Grand Parade–Behind the Scenes. Both articles are written slightly different and you will see what I mean when they are  published. To  everyone who participate in any way in the Carnation Parade project, you did a great job, We had a few hiccups, but we got through it and all is well in the Carnation City. Tonight, we are posting the article submitted to the Ohio Section. We will post The Review article after it is published.
See Attachment:
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