Our Nets

An amateur radio net is simply an on-the-air “gathering” of amateur radio operators. We have a variety of nets to satisfy your interests. Read more about all our nets below. 

Two Meter Net
Our Two Meter Net meets each Thursday evening at 9 PM Eastern, on our 2 Meter Repeater.
The Repeater frequency is 145.370MHz, minus offset, with a tone of 110.9hz (transmit & receive)
Ten Meter SSB Net
Our Ten Meter SSB Net meets each Thursday evening at 8 PM Eastern, on 28.420MHz.
As with all our nets, the 10 Meter Net is open so all licensed amateur radio operators. We sometimes shift frequency due to QRM, but we are never far off of 420.
Ten Meter CW Net
Our Ten Meter CW Net meets each Thursday evening immediately following our 10 Meter SSB net. We meet on 28.100MHz.
Check in at whatever speed is comfortable for you. We will change to match your speed.
Homeland Security Net
This is our Simplex Net. We meet each Tuesday evening on 147.51 MHz. No splits, no tones, no repeater. Just good conversation, and some practice for those situations when the repeaters might go down.