Welcome to the Alliance Amateur Radio Club’s online clubhouse. This site is just one of our presences on the web. We are also on Facebook, Twitter, and groups.io. Continue reading

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NEO Amateur Radio Roundup

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Breezeshooters Hamfest June 4th

After six years, the Breezeshooters hamfest is returning to its home at the Butler Farm show grounds in Butler PA.
In 2017, they moved to a larger venue and tried to make this a two day convention style affair. It seems like mother nature had it in for them each year, and it never seemed to gain traction.

If you make the 90 minute drive over to Pennsylvania on Sunday, I doubt that you’ll be disappointed. Please search out the club table. I will be set up somewhere in the flea market. I’m bringing extra chairs and a cooler of water so you can sit down and rest your feet, while wandering the flea Market.

They will be all manner of items on the table for sale. A lot of it will be club owned stuff that we’re getting rid of, and I’m going to sneak some of my own gear on there as well.
you can learn more about the hamfest, and see the event flyer at https://breezeshooters.org/ns/hamfest/

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Club breakfast is coming up June 3rd

Don’t forget that this coming Saturday is our monthly club breakfast. We meet on the first Saturday of each month at Don Panchos Tex-Mex Cafe (2105 W. State St) in Alliance. We shoot for a time of 8:30 AM, though some prefer to come a bit early.  

It’s a good time to catch up, and enjoy some eyeball QSOs. All are welcome! 

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AARC 2022 Field Day Results

Here’s our results as submitted. Good job everyone!

Call Used: W8LKY     GOTA Station Call: (NONE)     ARRL/RAC Section: OH     Class: 3A

Participants: 40     Club/Group Name: Alliance Amateur Radio Club

Power Source(s): Generator

Power Multiplier: 2X

Preliminary Total Score: 2,550

Bonus Points:
100% emergency power300
Media publicity100Documented by W8LKY_Media_Publicity.pdf
Public location100
W1AW Field Day message100File [W1AW FD Message.txt] previously uploaded
Natural power QSOs completed100Documented by W8LKY_Nat_pwr.pdf
Entry submitted via web50
Total bonus points750
Total QSOs215120230 
Total Points430240230900  Claimed Score = (QSO points x power mult) = 1,800
Band/Mode QSO Breakdown:
Total215 120 230 
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