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Summit County Metro Parks On The Air

To: Northeast Ohio Amateur Radio Clubs (and far western PA)

This is an invitation for your Amateur Radio club to join the Cuyahoga Falls ARC in our annual CFARC To The Field event. A few years ago, we developed a local activity similar to POTA (Parks On The Air) and the Ohio State Parks On The Air (OSPOSTA) activity. Our local activity is called Summit County Metro Parks On The Air and unlike POTA and OSPOTA is mainly a VHF/UHF activity as opposed to HF. The award runs year-round, but last year we decided to have a club activity night in the parks called CFARC To The Field in place of one of our regular meetings.

Here is a list of frequencies/modes used:

This year we would like to invite other local clubs to take part in the activity. If you would please pass this information on to your club members, we would greatly appreciate it.

There are a few ways your members can get involved:

  1. Many of your members are close enough to Summit County Parks that they could make contact with park activators from their home stations. So no travel or planning would be necessary (beyond putting the date on their calendar).

  2. Individual members are welcome to travel to Summit County to activate a park entity.

  3. Your club could plan to activate a park or parks as a group.

This is designed as a friendly competition and scores will be reported in our newsletter. There are no prizes for the highest scorers, but a $50 DX Engineering gift certificate will be given via a random drawing of all entrants that submit a log with at least five contacts.

The date and time for this year’s CTTF are 4:30-7:30 PM (2030-2330 UTC), Wednesday, September 14. Here is the full information on the CTTF:

We will be doing a live presentation at the Cuyahoga Falls ARC meeting Aug 10, 2022, at 7:30 PM, which will be available via Zoom.

If your club is interested in a presentation on this for your meeting, please contact Anthony Luscre, K8ZT k8zt@cfarc.org. Anthony also has a number of unrelated presentations he has been doing for clubs around the US during the pandemic and would be happy to do one of these at a future meeting of your club- tiny.cc/k8zt-p.

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CME Impact Sparks Auroras and STEVE

Space Weather News for July 23, 2022

CME IMPACT SPARKS AURORAS AND STEVE: As predicted, a CME hit Earth’s magnetic field during the early hours of July 23rd. The impact sparked a display of photographic auroras over North America that reached as far south as Virginia. The mysterious ribbon of light named “STEVE” also made an appearance. Full story @ Spaceweather.com.

Don’t miss the next CME: Subscribers to our Space Weather Alert Service received a 30 minute warning of the approaching CME, allowing them to dash outside and set up their cameras in time for the display.

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AARC 2022 Field Day Results

Here’s our results as submitted. Good job everyone!

Call Used: W8LKY     GOTA Station Call: (NONE)     ARRL/RAC Section: OH     Class: 3A

Participants: 40     Club/Group Name: Alliance Amateur Radio Club

Power Source(s): Generator

Power Multiplier: 2X

Preliminary Total Score: 2,550

Bonus Points:
100% emergency power300
Media publicity100Documented by W8LKY_Media_Publicity.pdf
Public location100
W1AW Field Day message100File [W1AW FD Message.txt] previously uploaded
Natural power QSOs completed100Documented by W8LKY_Nat_pwr.pdf
Entry submitted via web50
Total bonus points750
Total QSOs215120230 
Total Points430240230900  Claimed Score = (QSO points x power mult) = 1,800
Band/Mode QSO Breakdown:
Total215 120 230 
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VE Session and Carnation Parade

Hi Everyone:

           This Saturday July 23 is AARC’s Quarterly VE Session. It will be held at the Alliance First Christian Church 1141 West Beech Street. Please park in the small parking lot and enter at Door Six(6) only. Registration time is 8am, Testing at 9am. Be sure to check AARC’s website for all rules that pertain to you.
             One of our major community service projects, Carnation Grand Parade is coming up on August 13th here in Alliance. We need 12-14 Operators, You will be posted along the parade route, you will not be involved in parade operations. call me or email me if interested, previous operators who worked the project will be assigned their same locations and this is a FUN Project.
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WA8NEJ Equipment List

Here’s the list of items for sale from the estate of Preston, WA8NEJ


If interested in any of these items, please contact John, WG8X @ kd8mq1@gmail.com

You can also text me at 330-936-5021

Please DO NOT use Facebook Messenger, as I rarely check it.

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More Items for sale

Butch, WA8SHP is helping to dispose of a Estate of a Silent Key. You can read the list of equipment by going to http://w8lky.org/Files/Misc_Files/Equipment_for_Sale-WA8SHP.pdf

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Items For Sale

The following was received from Butch, WA8SHP
Dear Brother Ham,
Would you please post this on your club’s web site and or in your clubs newsletter, and mention it on your local net?
If anyone would like a copy of the list, I will e-mail it on receipt of a request for it.
N0WFT, Dave, is a former member of the Tusco Radio  Club. Due to some health
reasons, he is having to get out of the hobby and has every thing related to ham radio
up for sale.
Attached is a Excel spread sheet showing the items and the prices. His XYL,  N8WFT, Teresa, says there are manuals for everything and all but a couple of the items have the original packaging.
If you would be interested in purchasing the entire lot of items, it is
available for $1900.. Everything is located in New Philadelphia.
Teresa’s contact information is also  on the spread sheet. If you have any questions or would like to make a  purchase, please contact her.
phone is  330 243 2890
This is a chance to help out a brother ham and pick up a bargain. Your help is appreciated.
WA8SHP, Butch
n0wft 3-5-21equipment.xlsx N8WFT  N0WFT      Equipment  Mar. 5, 2021
Yaesu FTdx1200 $1,400.00
Yaesu YT 1200 Tuner included with FTdx1200
Yaesu SCU17 Interface included with FTdx1200
Yaesu FH-2 Remote Key Pad included with FTdx1200
Yaesu FT817ND HF/VHF/UHF QRP Xcvr $610.00
Yaesu Z817 Tuner included with FT817
Superstick MP Vert. Antenna included with FT817 Include coils for 6 – 80 Mtrs
Yaesu VX150  2 Mtr Hand Held $65.00 No original packaging
Bencher  BY1    (Black)  CW Paddle $75.00
Signal Link  ( Tigertronics) USB Soundcard Interface $80.00
Vectronics VEC25Y Code Practice Osc. $5.00 No Packaging-Needs Work
MFJ259B Ant Analyzer $175.00 4 – 5 years old
Icom V80 2 meter Hand Held $70.00
Uniden BCT15X Scanner $50.00
Midland 13-509 12 channel xtal control 220 radios  make offer
Zep End Fed Dipole w/9:1 balun- 10 – 80 Meters $35.00 MFJ
G5RV Dipole – 10 – 80 Meters $30.00 MFJ
2 meter mag mount mobile antenna $10.00
25 Ft RG8 with  PL259 connectors $12.00
50 ft RG8  with PL259 connetors $24.00
RG8 Jumpers- Various Lengths 3-7 feet .25 per foot
Baofeng DM RD5R   D Star $30.00
Astron RS20M  20amp  Power Supply $75.00
LDG    RBG   4:1 Balun $30.00 New
LDG    RU      1:1 Balun $30.00 New
Original Manuals and Packaging for all except as noted
Teresa N8WFT    ldyemerald@hotmail.com
Phone 330 243 2890  New Philadelphia, OH
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August Zero Beat is Done

Hello club members & friends. The August issue of the Zero Beat; winner of the 2020 Ohio section Newsletter contest is ready for viewing!

You can find it on our Newsletter page, or just click here to go straight to it.

73 DE, John, KD8MQ

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President’s Remarks June 18, 2020

Good Afternoon Everyone:

The month of June is now in full swing. We had a very successful 2020 Fundraiser with our very own Rick Graber WD8AYC winning the FT 450D radio, and we understand he is enjoying use the radio.

June 22-28 2020 has been declared by Alliance Mayor Alan Andreani as Amateur Radio Week in Alliance, Ohio. We have a full page Proclamation sign by Mayor Andreani and he personally   appreciates all the hard work and dedication of Alliance Amateur Radio Club and it’s members.

James KD8VT and his crew consisting of: Andrew KE8ELR, Karen N8HUC, Shawn KD8ZEZ, Paul K2ASA,  Ron KE8HCY, Heath KE8KAV, Dallas KB8SKS, Tomas KC8ZEH, Andy AC8JR, Chris AC8VN And Guests Doug & Jen Jinmison and Kristen Andrews completed a tower/antenna install at Shawn’s home on Saturday June 13th 2020. This is our fourth(4th) tower install in 2020. We had a great time and fellowship was enjoyed by all.

ARRL Field Day June 27-28 2020 is almost here. This year, we return to First Christian Church (DOC) located at 1141 West Beech Street in Alliance for the first part of the June 2020 ARRL Field Day. We will be using Two(2) class rooms in the east wing of the church where the “Small Parking Lot” is located. We will be entering through Door Six(6) a single entrance door off the small parking lot. It is the same room which we used for our March 2020 business meeting, a sign will be posted on the door so you will know that you are at the right place in the church building. Sunday June 28th, will be spent in your own “Shack” in your home.

The second part of Saturday’s Field Day will be Licensing Testing beginning at 9 am in a room near the room where we will be operating in.  Signs will be place by the entrances of both rooms, I will serve as your host throughout the day  You must have a FRN (Federal Registration Number) from the FCC, if you do not have one, go to FCC.Org and complete the questionnaire at FRN and downloaded the certificate and bring it with you to the licensing session. It is highly recommended that you take practice tests for all licensing exams well in advance of June 27th. CDC regulations guidelines are to be observed and practiced. Only operators and people taking exams will be in either room. No socializing will take place per CDC regulations.

Questions? Call me and any question concerning Licensing testing should be directed to Frank WA8WHP. Stay safe and please honor and respect CDC regulations.


Ron (KE8HCY)

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