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Links for ARES Class material

Level 1



Level 2 (*= repeated from Above)

Level 3 (*= repeated from Above)

  • S-120.c – An Introduction to Exercises
  • IS-230.d- Fundamentals of Emergency Management
  • IS-235.c – Emergency Planning
  • IS-240.b – Leadership & Influence
  • IS-241.b – Decision Making & Problem Solving
  • IS-242.b – Effective Communications
  • IS-244.b – Developing & Managing Volunteers
  • IS-288.a – Role of Voluntary organizations in Emergency Mgt
  • IS-2200 – Basic Emergency Operations Center Functions
  • ARRL EC-016 Public Service & Emergency Communications Mgt
  • SKYWARN Advanced Training Class (Biennially)
  • PR-101 – Public Information Officer Training (EC-015)
  • AUXCOM Course
  • ICS-300 – Incident Command System for Expanding Incidents
  • ICS -400 – Advanced Incident Command System







Trailer updates and suggestions

  • First aid kit
  • Fire extinguisher Is there one there already??
  • CO2 Detector and batteries ???
  • Need to get a set of expectations for the trailer what roles would we expect to achieve
  • Determine who can move trailer (skills and equipment) And “Certify” them
  • Awing for trailer or dining canape? Operate in the rain or sun when no direct structure is available.
  • White board (magnetic) Give pace to record information and post retentive documents/maps.
  • Set of maps (primarily for navigation, but also for reference)
    • County
      • Stark
      • Portage
      • Columbina
      • Carrol
    • State
      • Ohio
      • Pennsylvania
      • West Vergina (?)
      • New York (?)
    • City
      • Alliance
      • Canton
      • Louisville
      • Revenna
      • Kent
      • Other (?)
    • NIMs Resource Typing as ARES is an existing organization should it be assumed that a guideline for the resourcing timing is available?
      • Need to get the trailer inventoried and the equipment typed.
    • Need to add ARES accreditation to the roster for easy identification of club members for call up.
    • Find county state comms plan
    • Make flow chart of ICS with fish bones for names/titles in an incident??
    • NIMS ICS Dictionary??
    • locate standard doc forms (like form 213) ICS Forms Booklet (see below)
      • Develop/find training on forms??
    • Create forms, reports and checklists for use at events, meetings(?), training, and call ups
    • Basic Operational manuals for
      • Antennas
      • Radios
      • Support systems



Links stolen form NIMS training IS-700B


  • FEMA’s Emergency Management Institute
  • NIMS Training Program(PDF)
  • NIMS Intelligence and Investigations Function Guidance and Field Operations Guide
  • Guidelines for the Credentialing of Personnel(PDF)
  • ICS Forms Booklet
  • FEMA’s NIMS Web siteprovides guidance on NIMS implementation.
  • FEMA’s Independent Study Programoffers numerous courses related to the NIMS components.
  • The ICS Resource Centerincludes a summary of ICS principles, job aids, position checklists, forms, and reference materials.
  • The Homeland Security Exercise and Evaluation Program (HSEEP)provides a standardized policy, methodology, and language for designing, developing, conducting, and evaluating all exercises.
  • The SAFECOM Web siteprovides the emergency response community with information, best practices, and resources for meeting communications and interoperability needs.