W8LKY Repeaters

Two Meter Repeater

It’s difficult to remember a time in the last several years when there has not been a Two Meter repeater serving the Alliance area.

In the early 1980’s, we had the W8AWR repeater on 145.450. It was in Berlin Center, and did a great job of serving the Tri-County area. After W8AWR left the area, the repeater went dark.

Then, in the mid 1980s, the 145.37 frequency became active when the N8EWV repeater was installed in the penthouse at the old Alliance Community Hospital building.

It’s moved a time or two since then. It spent a few years at private homes, and just recently moved to a tower site a couple miles west of Alliance. The antenna is about 270′ above ground level, and is fed with 1.25″ heliax.

Feel free to check in anytime. The repeater is on 145.370(-), using a tone of 110.9hz for transmit & receive.

.37 gets a workout for our public service projects in the Alliance area. We also hold a net every Thursday evening at 9 PM eastern time.

Feel free to check in using the W8LKY-R Echolink node.

440 MHz Repeater

Our 440 repeater was originally a project of Jim, K8LTG (SK). Our club acquired the repeater after his passing. The repeater is currently housed at the Aultman Alliance Community hospital, and has excellent range in the tri-county area.

The repeater is on 442.350(+) with a tone of 131.8 on both transmit & receive.