Field Day Mission Statement

At the Alliance Amateur Radio Club, our mission is to

  • Foster camaraderie
  • Promote skill development
  • Enhance emergency communication preparedness
    (through our participation in the Field Day exercise)

We are dedicated to providing a welcoming and inclusive environment for radio enthusiasts of all experience levels, encouraging the exchange of knowledge and ideas. Together, we strive to expand our technical proficiency, refine our operating skills, and explore the diverse facets of amateur radio.

Through our active involvement in the Field Day exercise, we aim to showcase the invaluable role of amateur radio in times of crisis and emergencies. By leveraging our collective expertise and resources, we are committed to honing our ability to swiftly and effectively establish reliable communication networks when traditional systems may be compromised.

With a spirit of collaboration and a commitment to excellence, we endeavor to make the Alliance Amateur Radio Club Field Day exercise a platform for personal growth, community engagement, and the advancement of the amateur radio community as a whole.

Together, let us amplify our passion for amateur radio, forge lasting connections, and contribute to the greater goal of safeguarding our communities through effective communication.